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The BYU Marriott MPA program has close to 4,000 alumni scattered throughout the globe. You can see how far-reaching the program is by viewing the MPA program’s alumni map.

We are inspired by your accomplishments and want to share them with future and current students, faculty, and employers. When something interesting (not just job related) occurs in your life, or in the life of an alum you know, don’t be shy—share your good news with us. Who knows, you may end up being featured on our website!

There are many ways to connect with the BYU Marriott MPA program. Choose one or more of the following:

MPA Recurring Alumni Events

Annual Day of Service: Every year in either late March or early April, the Romney Institute of Public Service and Ethics hosts a Day of Service. Alumni and students gather for the morning to participate in community projects like planting trees or cleaning parks and river trails. After the service project, box lunches are served, allowing time for students and alumni to connect and share experiences.

Alumni Fireside: Join us the third Monday in August from 5:30 to 7:00 p.m. for our annual alumni panel fireside. This is a chance to listen to panelists, interact with students and other alumni, and grow intellectually and spiritually. Past topics have included leadership, ethics, and finding your calling. Watch for your invitation via email in June. For those of you who can’t attend in person, we will record the fireside and send the link to you a week or two after.

LinkedIn Group

The official BYU Marriott MPA George W. Romney Institute of Public Service & Ethics LinkedIn group is used exclusively by our current students and alumni. Here you can find professional development tips and job opportunities. It allows our alums to connect through networking, sharing experiences and ideas, giving advice, etc. It is a great way to stay informed and involved!

Our group is a closed group. If you are not already a member and wish to join, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Visit the group page.
  2. If you are not already pre-approved, follow the simple instructions to join.
  3. Wait to receive a LinkedIn notification after your request has been vetted to ensure you are an alum.
  4. Accept the notification.

Social Media

The BYU Marriott MPA is also on other social media networks. You can keep up with the program and its faculty, alumni, and students on the following platforms:

Alumni Directories

Our students and alumni are encouraged to include their BYU Marriott MPA degree in the education section of their personal profiles. Doing so not only increases the visibility of BYU Marriott’s MPA program, but it includes students and alumni in the BYU Marriott School of Business LinkedIn alumni database, a powerful tool for networking and keeping up with other alumni.

The BYU Marriott alumni directory is an excellent resource for looking up a former classmate.

Class Representatives

The Romney Institute appoints a class representative from each graduated MPA, EMPA, and MHA class to serve on the Romney Institute Alumni Board. Class representatives are the primary contact for their classmates to receive information about the Romney Institute and for the Romney Institute to connect with graduates. The purpose of class representatives is to facilitate more interaction with alumni of the program.

Listed below by program and year are the names of the current class representatives serving. To learn more about your representative, click on their name. To contact your representative directly or if you don’t see a representative for your class, contact the MPA alumni administrator.


MPA 2023 Tricia Hobbs

MPA 2022 Liz Lund

MPA 2021 Spencer Flake

MPA 2020 Nick Porter

MPA 2019 Elisabeth Zenger

MPA 2018 Amelia Romney

MPA 2017 Abigail Morrison

MPA 2016 Emilee Tanner

MPA 2015 Alex Hartvigsen

MPA 2014 M’kynzi Lundgree

MPA 2013 David Packard

MPA 2012 Laura Eyi

MPA 2011 Matthew Hatrvigsen

MPA 2010 Andrea Bean

MPA 2009 Andy Bean

MPA 2008 Clayton Fulton

MPA 2007 Hani Al Madnoun

MPA 2006 Jay Baughman

MPA 2005 Chauma Jansen

MPA 2004 Wendy Gunnerson

MPA 2003 Peni Basalusa

MPA 2002 Jennifer Soliai

MPA 2001 Allison Griffiths

MPA 2000 Sam Lee

MPA 1999 Emily Eyre

MPA 1998 Edwin Lee

MPA 1997 James Johnson

MPA 1996 Leisa Tucker

MPA 1995 Philip Sanders

MPA 1994 Darin Underwood

MPA 1993 Jenifer Gilliland

MPA 1992 Scott McCuistion

MPA 1991 Anastasia Jespersen

MPA 1990 Mick Berry

MPA 1989 Shawn Trauntvein

MPA 1988 Richard Meyers

MPA 1987 None

MPA 1986 Barbara Brower

MPA 1985 Sherm Wilkinson

MPA 1984 Hugh Johnson

MPA 1983 None

MPA 1982 Vance Fager

MPA 1981 Jan Paulson

MPA 1980 Doral Vance

MPA 1979 Mary Wintch

MPA 1978 Mike Glenn

MPA 1977 None

MPA 1976 Don Morrison

MPA 1975 Bob Adams

MPA 1974 Jim Torgesen

MPA 1973 Michael Turner

MPA 1972 None

MPA 1971 Ruth Ann Jefferies

MPA 1970 Michael Dyal

MPA 1969 Roy Barraclough


MHA 1987–89 Brad LeBaron

MHA 1985–86 John Tallent


EMPA 2023 Mike Brousseau

EMPA 2022 Annalaura Solomon

EMPA 2021 Janna Gordon

EMPA 2020 Stephanie Allen Egbert

EMPA 2019 Emily Martin

EMPA 2018 Marc Ellison

EMPA 2017 Carrie Bennett

EMPA 2016 Jill Burton

EMPA 2015 Gary Christensen

EMPA 2014 Jeremy Hay

EMPA 2013 Justin Weiss

EMPA 2012 Dale Hull

EMPA 2011 Daniel Higbee

EMPA 2010 Diane Moore

EMPA 2009 Brooke Anderson

EMPA 2008 Mike Johanson

EMPA 2007 None

EMPA 2006 Ron Gardner

EMPA 2005 Armand Glick

EMPA 2004 Kena Mathews

EMPA 2003 None

EMPA 2002 None

EMPA 2001 None

EMPA 2000 Nate Leishman

EMPA 1999 David Pack

EMPA 1998 Pauline Williams

EMPA 1997 Laura Kaloi

EMPA 1996 Debby Lauret

EMPA 1995 Steve Sorenson

EMPA 1994 Rick Davis

EMPA 1993 None

EMPA 1992 Ralph Clegg

EMPA 1991 Kent Cravens

EMPA 1990 Sam Hanson

EMPA 1989 Mark Whittaker

EMPA 1988 None

Update Your Info

To update your personal information, click here or call the BYU Alumni office at 1-800-437-4663. Note that updates can take up to one week to appear in the directories.