Vision, Mission, Values

Our Vision

We aspire to lift the world through Christlike leadership in public service.

Our Mission

We develop public service leaders of faith, intellect, integrity, and charity.

Our Values

Faith in Christ

We value deep and abiding faith in Jesus Christ. Our faith gives us the capacity to envision a better future, the confidence to make that future happen, and the courage to act in the face of challenges.

Respect for all

We value respect for all individuals as children of God and recognize the inherent worth, divine potential, and agency of each person. A climate of respect, inclusion, and belonging enhances our learning, facilitates collaboration, and encourages personal growth.

Integrity in action

We value integrity and hold ourselves to the highest moral and ethical standards. Acting with integrity builds trust, strengthens character, and focuses our ambitions on things of eternal consequences.

Service to community

We value community and community building because the higher purpose of our work is to bless others and to build the kingdom of God.

Love, agency, and accountability

As Christ-centered leaders we value the eternal principles of love, agency, and accountability to cultivate and guide core relationships with God, self, others, and our stewardship.

Excellence and generosity

We value both excellence and generosity in serving. These Christlike attributes work together to magnify our influence and motivate us to continually improve in all of our pursuits, including learning, teaching, researching, managing, and leading.

Our Guiding Principle

Enter to Learn; Go Forth to Serve

We prioritize lifelong learning and service to others. We evaluate our decisions and actions by the iMPAct they have on the experiences, preparation, character, emotional well-being, and spiritual growth of those we actively teach, serve, and love.