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Edwin Lee, MPA 1998

Edwin Lee, MPA 1998

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Job Title: Vice President
Company: Zions Public Finance, Inc.
Location: Utah, United States


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  • Registered Municipal Advisor Representative
  • Registered Municipal Securities Representative


Edwin Lee joined Zions Public Finance in 1998, and is now their senior quantitative analyst. He has been involved with municipal bonding and finance for over 22 years. He performs bond structuring and sizing analysis, monitoring and analyzing conditions of market interest rates, and spreads relationships with bond indices and comparable bonds, cost benefit analysis, and tax impact analysis for bond elections. He is also responsible for monitoring and identifying bonds for refunding for issuers in Utah, and other miscellaneous analysis involving debt.

He has worked with various governmental entities ranging from the State of Utah, numerous counties, school districts, cities, and Special Service and Improvement Districts, and non-profit organizations mostly coming from the State of Utah.

He currently resides in Salt Lake City, Utah.