The EMPA course schedule is structured in a way intended to support balance in a student’s life despite its rigor. For the typical student, total weekly time in class, travel, homework, and team collaboration requires between fifteen and twenty hours a week. The curriculum is standardized so that students are in the same classes together throughout the program. Courses include organizational behavior, economics, communication, applied decision analysis, statistics, human resources, and ethics.

Each entering class meets on a different night of the week. The schedule for each entering class is listed below:

  • Entering class of 2023 will meet on Thursday nights
  • Entering class of 2024 will meet on Wednesday nights
  • Entering class of 2025 will meet on Tuesday nights
  • Entering class of 2026 will meet on Thursday nights

EMPA classes are held fall and winter semesters and spring term for three years. Classes are not held summer term. 

All classes are held at the BYU Salt Lake Center.

Program of Study