The BYU Marriott School of Business offers a variety of minors to help students prepare for work in the business world. With each of these minors, students will be exposed to the business principles and practices that are a key part of a BYU Marriott education. All of the minors available through the school complement a variety of majors offered at BYU.

BYU Marriott minors include:

Each minor includes some of the prerequisites required for BYU Marriott major programs, so pursuing a minor is a great option if a student takes some of those classes and then decides to not pursue a major. Because of this overlap, minors—aside from the nonprofit management minor and healthcare leadership minor—are not available to BYU Marriott students.

Students are limited to earning up to two BYU Marriott minors. Adding a minor is dependent on permission from the student’s major’s college advisement.

While students are allowed to complete two BYU Marriott minors, completion of the business minor and the global business and literacy minor are not allowed due to content overlap.