Program Overviews

Welcome to the BYU Marriott School of Business. We offer nine undergraduate programs that are designed to meet your unique interests and goals. Spend some time researching the different programs, learning about job opportunities and recruiters, and understanding class requirements. Discover which program is right for you.


How to add value by learning and speaking the language of business. Learn More

Entrepreneurial Management

How to start new businesses and make them profitable. Learn More

Experience Design & Management

How to design, stage, and manage experiences. Learn More


How to obtain and invest money. Learn More

Global Supply Chain Management

How to improve processes and efficiencies. Learn More

Human Resource Management

How to convert human capital into strategic advantages. Learn More

Information Systems

How to add value by combining business and technology. Learn More


How to identify and satisfy customer requirements profitably. Learn More

Strategic Management

How to develop strategies for improving performance. Learn More