BYU Marriott is committed to fostering an environment of belonging for all students and employees. In accordance with the BYU Marriott vision, mission, and values, “We value respect for all individuals as children of God and recognize the inherent worth, divine potential, and agency of each person. A climate of respect and belonging enhances our learning, facilitates collaboration, and encourages personal growth.”

BYU Statement on Belonging

We are united by our common primary identity as children of God (Acts 17:29; Psalm 82:6) and our commitment to the truths of the restored gospel of Jesus Christ (BYU Mission Statement). We strive to create a community of belonging composed of students, faculty, and staff whose hearts are knit together in love (Mosiah 18:21) where:

  • All relationships reflect devout love of God and a loving, genuine concern for the welfare of our neighbor (BYU Mission Statement);
  • We value and embrace the variety of individual characteristics, life experiences and circumstances, perspectives, talents, and gifts of each member of the community and the richness and strength they bring to our community (1 Corinthians 12:12–27);
  • Our interactions create and support an environment of belonging (Ephesians 2:19); and
  • The full realization of each student’s divine potential is our central focus (BYU Mission Statement).

Campus Resources

BYU offers a variety of resources for students with varying needs and interests. Click on any of the campus resources below to learn more about how BYU serves its student population.

The Office of Belonging is dedicated to helping BYU achieve a community of belonging and addressing the needs of all marginalized individuals on campus.

The Women’s Services and Resource office provides workshops, consultations, support groups, and other services for students, staff, and faculty to address women’s issues in a positive, proactive way. As a Campus Life office, they collaborate with other BYU offices and departments, as well as the community, to serve both the women and men at BYU.

The University Accessibility Center seeks to provide students with disabilities equal access to all opportunities at BYU and to create an environment that facilitates learning and assists students in reaching their full potential.

Photo of Staci Carroll

Contact Staci Carroll, the Manager of Diversity and Belonging at BYU Marriott.

Meet the DIB Advisory Board.

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BYU student organizations are available for BYU Marriott and BYU students to connect with others of similar interests, backgrounds, and beliefs. 

BYU’s Title IX Office is committed to effectively promoting the awareness and prevention of sexual harassment, dating violence, domestic violence, sexual assault/sexual violence, and stalking.

Multicultural Student Services is a unique team of multicultural specialists who value the total development of the multicultural student within The Aims of a BYU Education. They seek to develop a BYU environment of “fellow citizenry” where multiculturalism can flourish.

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BYU International Student and Scholar Services provides personal, cultural and academic advisement while assisting non-US Citizen students and scholars with regulatory support, so they may have an enriching and successful BYU experience.

The Whitmore Global Business Center provides the global education and training necessary for BYU Marriott students to take on the global market. The GBC is designated by the U.S. Department of Education as one of the nation’s seventeen Centers for International Business Education and Research.


Being Whole and Belonging

Aliah Hall, the mental health and wellness specialist at BYU Marriott, encourages wholeness and belonging.

Dual Major, Dual Motivations

Double majoring in marketing and anthropology, Skylar Oreno prioritizes his education on people.

Becoming Your Own Role Model

Taking over the bookkeeping for her family’s dairy farm at the age of 14 inspired Jenn Larson to study finance and become a role model.