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Applying to the BYU Marriott MPA Program

The BYU Marriott MPA program admits a new cohort of students each fall. Admission is based on a rigorous evaluation of application material. The admissions committee focuses its evaluation on two broad areas: ability to succeed in the program and commitment to public service.

The MPA application deadline is January 15. Admissions decisions for the MPA program are communicated by the end of March. The EMPA application deadline is May 1. EMPA admissions decisions are communicated by the end of June. 

All admitted students are required to complete the online Excel training course. The cost of the course is $60.

Application Details

  • Students applying for the JD/MPA joint degree with the BYU Law School need to take the LSAT for law school admissions. The GRE is NOT required to be considered for the BYU MPA program. Graduate test scores (e.g., GRE, TOEFL) are sent directly from the testing service to BYU (the general university code for BYU is 4019). If you have taken the test before the application deadline, the score will be received before the admission committee meetings.
  • If an application is missing something, the candidate will be contacted. Contact the MPA Admissions Office at (801) 422-4221 or with questions about the program, or contact BYU Graduate Studies with questions about the application at
  • The MPA program has no preferred undergraduate majors and no required prerequisite course work. However, recommended preparatory training includes undergraduate courses in economics, statistics, and accounting. Students must also be comfortable with basic tasks and functions in Excel, PowerPoint, and Word.
  • Candidates are rarely accepted with undergraduate GPAs below 3.0.
  • All applications and letters of recommendation must be submitted online. Most schools send transcripts electronically, but, if necessary, transcripts can be mailed to:

          Office of Graduate Studies
          Brigham Young University
          105 FPH
          Provo, UT 84602

  • Three letters of recommendation should be written by people with whom candidates are professionally acquainted and who can address the ability of the candidate to succeed in graduate school. The letters are submitted through the online application process. Simply enter the desired recommender’s name and email address. The recommender will receive a request and can submit the letters directly into the application system. Letters must be current (i.e. candidates may not submit the same letter upon reapplication). The MPA admission committee will accept letters of recommendation written in the letter writers’ native tongue.
  • A statement of intent should indicate steps taken to prepare to participate in the MPA program. It should address any work experience and the extent to which an MPA degree will be consistent with future career aspirations. This document should typically be no more than two pages. If there are any mitigating circumstances that should be brought to the attention of the admission committee, they should be addressed in this letter. 
  • Complete an online digital interview.
  • Include a current résumé. Although work experience is not required for admission to the full-time program, it can help an applicant be more competitive in the admissions process.
  • In the unlikely event that slots become available, late applications are considered.

Visit BYU Graduate Studies for specific information about the application requirements and process or to submit an application.

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