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Shawn Trauntvein, MPA 1989

Shawn Trauntvein, MPA 1989

Membership Information:

Member Since: 2023


Job Title: Financial Aid System Analyst
Company: Brigham Young University


Shawn Trauntvein has a BA in Philosophy from BYU (1987) and an MPA from BYU (1989). After working for two years in construction and property maintenance, Shawn decided to pursue a PhD in Philosophy at the University of Utah. While there, he began working in the Student Income Accounting Office as a financial counselor and then the Financial Aid Office as a financial aid counselor.

During these jobs, he began to utilize software automation. When the University of Utah went onto PeopleSoft, he aided with the implementation. A couple of years later, he was promoted to be the Systems Team Manager for the Financial Aid Office, at which time he gave up his cottage love of pursuing a PhD. He was nominated and then elected to serve as one of seven people from the United States serving on the Higher Education User Group in the Financial Aid sector.

After serving at the UofU for a number of years, he went to Brigham Young University, just following their implementation of PeopleSoft, to work as a Systems Analyst and Functional Lead in Financial Aid. While working at BYU, he again served on the Higher Education User Group in an advisory position for Financial Aid.

Shawn is married to Kimberly (BA, BYU, 1990) and they have four children. While raising their family, Shawn became involved as a BSA leader, and currently is the Scoutmaster of an Orem troop. He loves the outdoors: cycling, hiking, camping, walking, rockhounding, etc. Shawn also currently serves as a Deacon’s Quorum Advisor in his Ward.