Romney Institute Alumni Board


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Bob Adams, MPA 1975 – Retired City Manager, City of Manteca
Hani Al Madhoun, MPA 2007 – Director of Philanthropy, UNRWA USA
Brooke Anderson, EMPA 2009 – Assistant Director of Advisement, Brigham Young University
Roy Barraclough, MPA 1969 – Retired Project Manager, Moab Regional Medical Center
Peni Basalusalu, MPA 2003 – Deputy Director of Public Works, City of Manteca
Jay Baughman, MPA 2006 – Municipal Financial Advisor, Lewis Young Robertson & Burningham, Inc.
Russ & Wendy Bird, MPA 1986 – Director of Parks and Recreation and Special Events, City of Palmdale
Jill Burton, EMPA 2016 – External Affairs, Corporate Public Policy, Dominion Energy
Angela Carmack, MPA 2014 – Director of Client Success, Awardco
Alan Christensen, MPA 1990 – Chief Deputy CAO, County of Kern
Gary Christensen, EMPA 2015 – GIS Senior Analyst, Corporation of the President
Kent N. Cravens, EMPA 1991 – Investigative Sergeant, Retired, Salt Lake County District Attorney
Alison Cundiff, MPA 2010 – Mentoring Manager, BYU-Pathway Worldwide
Bill Dalebout, MPA 2009 – Senior Program Analyst, US Government Environmental Protection Agency
Rick Davis, EMPA 1994 – City Manager, City of Baytown
Michael Dyal, MPA 1970 – Former City Manager, City of Medford, OR
Marc Ellison, EMPA 2018 – Resiliency Operation Specialist, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Laura Eyi, MPA 2012 – Board Member, Coafrica
Emily Eyre, MPA 1999 – Business Manager, Brigham Young University - Department of Public Health
Vance Fager, MPA 1982 – Owner, CEO, Grove Development
Spencer Flake, MPA 2021 – CampaignHQ, VP of Client Services
Clayton Fulton, MPA 2008 – Assistant City Manager, City of Hurst
Ron Gardner, EMPA 2006 – Regional Vice President, Atria Senior Living
Jenifer Gilliland, MPA 1993 – Senior Code Development Analyst, City of Seattle Department of Construction and Inspections
Mike Glenn, MPA 1978 – Retired: Director of Housing Programs, State of Utah
Armand Glick, EMPA 2005 – Fraud Division Director, State of Utah
Julie B. Good, EMPA 2004 – Preschool Teacher, Sunshine Square Preschool
Janna Gordon, EMPA 2021 – Travel Coordinator/Student Manager, Brigham Young University
Troy Groll, MPA 1995 – Director of Sales, Orbit Irrigation Products Inc.
Wendy Gunnerson, MPA 2004 – Senior Director, Leavitt Partners
Sam Hanson, EMPA 1990 – Retired: Educator
Alex Hartvigsen, MPA 2015 – Director of Post-Award Services, Utah Valley University
Jeremy Hay, EMPA 2014 – Assistive Technology Coordinator, Brigham Young University - Idaho
Dan Hecht, MPA 1989 – Chief of Data Governance and Data Integrity, Ohio Department of Medicaid
Ben Horsley, EMPA 2011 – Chief of Staff, Granite School District
Dale Hull, EMPA 2012 – Executive Director, Neuroworx
Bruce Jacobs, EMPA 2017 – Zone Director, Consultant, Kaptivate, LLC
Ling James, EMPA 2002 – Verification Specialist, MetaSource LLC
Ruth Ann Jefferies, MPA 1971 – Retired: Program Specialist - Property Tax, State of Utah
Anastasia Jespersen, MPA 1991 – Law School Student, BYU J. Reuben Clark Law School
Mike Johanson, EMPA 2008 – President and Manager, Cottonwood Mutual Water Company
Hugh Johnson, MPA 1984 – Retired: Regional General Manager, Utah Transit Authority
Laura Kaloi, EMPA 1997 – Partner, Stride Policy Solutions
Chauma Jansen, MPA 2005 – Executive Director, American Indian Services
Zackery King, MPA 2011 – Performance Auditor, State of Utah Office of Legislative Auditor General
Dane Larsen, EMPA 2020 – Assistant Treasurer, Brigham Young University
Debby Lauret, EMPA 1996 – City Councilwoman, City of Orem
Brad LeBaron, MHA 1988 – Director of Student Health Services, Brigham Young University
Edwin Lee, MPA 1998 – Vice President, Zions Public Finance, Inc.
Sam Lee, MPA 2000 – Research Consultant, State of Utah Department of Human Services
Nate Leishman, EMPA 2000 – Manager - Welfare & Humanitarian Services, Corporation of the President
Elizabeth Lund, MPA 2022 – Admissions Counselor, Corner Canyon Health Centers
Emily Martin, EMPA 2019 – Philanthropies Department Donor Liaison, Major Gift Officer, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Scott McCuistion, MPA 1992 – J.R. Simplot Company, Software Delivery Analyst
Kathryn Ann McGregor, EMPA 1992 – Retired: Co-Founder, New Haven Residential Treatment Center / Private School for Adolescent Females
Richard Meyers, MPA 1988 – City Manager, City of Cottage Grove (Oregon)
Christopher Miasnik, MPA 1983 – Retired: Counter-Intelligence, Chief Warrant Officer, US Army National Guard
Diane Moore, EMPA 2010 – Retired: Division of Child and Family Services Director, State of Utah
Don Morrison, MPA 1976 – Retired: City Manager, City of Bonney Lake (Washington)
David F. Pack, EMPA 1999 – Director of Development & Advancement, Mount Liberty College
Jan R. Paulson, MPA 1981 – Retired: Resolutions & Receiverships Specialist, FDIC
Erika Richards, MPA 2017 – Academic Advisor, Brigham Young University
Halee Rogers, MPA 2020 – Athletics HR Coordinator, Brigham Young University
Amelia Romney, MPA 2018 – Project Manager/Board Member, City of Mesa/Mesa Parks & Recreation Advisory Board
Jennifer Soliai, MPA 2002 – Assistant Community Manager, CCMC
Annalaura Solomon, EMPA 2022 – Associate Director-Controller, BYU Aspen Grove
Steve Sorenson, EMPA 1995 – Director of Internal Audit, Utah Community Federal Credit Union
Michael J. Stapley, MPA 1972 – Retired - CEO, Deseret Mutual Benefit Administrators
Lynsey Stock, MPA 2013 – Internal Auditor, Utah State Board of Education
John Tallent, MHA 1985-1986 – Retired: CEO, Medical Associates Clinic & Health Plans
Emilee Tanner, MPA 2016 – Insurance Agent/Broker, New York Life Insurance Company
Michelle Todd, MPA 1994 – Distribution Lead, Deseret Book & Distribution Services
Jim Torgesen, MPA 1974 – Retired: Labor Relations Manager, Montgomery County Government
Scott Trainor, MPA 1997 – City Manager, City of Fountain
Leisa Tucker, MPA 1996 – HR Manager, KidsPeace New England
Michael F. Turner, MPA 1973 – Retired: Colonel, United States Air Force
Doral Vance, MPA 1980 – Retired: Criminal Investigation Unit Manager, Utah State Tax Commission
Justin Weiss, EMPA 2013 – Assistant City Manager, City of Fate, Texas
Mark Whittaker, EMPA 1989 – Technology Business Management Team, The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints
Pauline Williams, EMPA 1998 – Asst Prof/Dietetic Internship Dir, Brigham Young University
Mary L. Wintch, MPA 1979 – Retired: Human Resource Officer, United States Forest Service
Sherm Wilkinson, MPA 1985 – EnerBank USA, Relationship Manager Consultant
Elisabeth Zenger, MPA 2019 – Education Manager, One Refugee