Savage Global Consulting

Savage Global Consulting is an experiential learning endeavor reserved for handpicked graduate students in global supply chain management. These students receive intensified mentoring leading to a super-charged learning experience over the course of a calendar year, with phases that emphasize portions of the learn-do-become objectives.

Accepted students join the Savage Global Consulting program by enrolling in a graduate supply chain course. This course studies supply chain problems involving carefully selected target (CST) companies. The course brings executives into the classroom to share cases and experiences with students who then focus on understanding the process of executive-level decision making. The course also normally involves mentoring by second-year MBA students who completed the Savage Global Consulting Program the prior semester.

Savage Global Consulting will be required to participate in the Global Immersion Program (GIP) which may involve eight sessions of Introduction to International Business training followed by a two-week expedition studying the supply chain of a CST company. The GIP allows students to see firsthand the complexity and nuance of global supply chains.

All GSCM students are expected to have internships during the spring/summer terms. Note that the GIP is scheduled immediately after final exams in order to allow students to return in time to begin summer internships.

After their internships, Savage Global Consulting will take a global supply chain strategy course. This capstone course involves Savage Global Consulting working together on a consulting team to solve a specific problem for a CST company. The teams will be mentored by a supply chain faculty member and, if possible, a member of the GSCM Advisory Board. These consulting projects focus on areas of faculty expertise such as process design, quality management, logistics design, strategic sourcing, and service innovation.