At a Glance

See MBA Fall 2021 – Admissions Adjustments in Response to COVID-19

Admission Requirements

  • GMAT/GRE score – 679 average (20th–80th percentile: 640-710)
  • Grades – 3.55 average
  • Work experience – two years minimum of post-graduation. Average four years post-undergraduate degree.

Note: averages are from last year’s incoming class

Admission Checklist

  • GMAT scores (GRE also accepted)
  • University transcripts
  • Four-year undergraduate degree or its equivalent
  • Commitment to BYU Honor Code
  • Ecclesiastical endorsement
  • Essay (statement of purpose/letter of intent)
  • Two professional letters of recommendation
  • Résumé
  • International students – English proficiency score and credential evaluation (see below)

Application Deadlines – Fall 2022

Round 1 Deadline – Applications open October 11 December 2021
Round 2 Deadline – Priority international deadline15 January 2022
Round 3 Deadline – Final international deadline1 March 2022
Round 4 – Final domestic deadline1 May 2022 Extended to 10 June 2022

Application review is conducted on a rolling basis, meaning that applications submitted by the deadline are given priority review. Incomplete applications are not held until the next deadline but will be reviewed as completed. Applications are accepted beginning 1 October with final deadlines for international applicants on 1 March and domestic students on 1 May. Application review begins 1 November.

International Candidates

Prospective students who have earned a degree from an institution outside the United States must submit all official transcripts, diplomas, and mark sheets to the International Education Research Foundation for a course-by-course credential evaluation. Request a Detailed Report which includes a comprehensive course-by-course evaluation and calculation of a grade point average (GPA). Applications requiring a credential evaluation will not be reviewed without a credential evaluation.

International candidates must also include a TOEFL or IELTS score.

English scores

TOEFL Minimums

  • 100 iBT
  • 240-CBT (computer-based test)
  • 590-PBT (paper-based test)

BYU does not accept the TOEFL ITP test as an English proficiency exam for graduate school.


  • 7.0 overall band score
  • 6.0 band score in each module


Both are viewed equally in application review. If a GRE score is submitted it will be converted to a GMAT score using an online conversion tool.

Joint degree seeking MS/MBA Candidates are required to take the GMAT – a minimum 680 GMAT is required.

There are plenty of resources available to help you prepare for the GMAT. Here are a few students have found useful:

Free practice GMAT test – Take the practice test to see how you score naturally, and determine how much studying is required to get you to an admissible level.

We are looking for two solid years of professional experience. It’s preferred that you show some form of improvement or development, which could be things like taking on new accounts, leading new projects, being promoted, etc.

This would not satisfy the requirement. We require two years of work post-baccalaureate.

Great! We love to see people who are entrepreneurial. This could work as your work experience, just be sure to describe in detail what you did in your essay. When it comes to letters of recommendation, you could use clients, accounts, business affiliates, and others as professional references