The Ira A. Fulton College of Engineering and the BYU Marriott School of business have collaborated on a joint engineering and management program that allows qualified students the opportunity to earn a joint MBA/MS degree in three to four years of full-time graduate study. Students may earn an MBA degree and a master’s of science degree in either mechanical engineering or manufacturing engineering technology. 

The MBA/MS joint program addresses important needs for engineers, designers, and managers who excel in world-class product development—a cross-functional process requiring both technical and managerial skills. The program provides students with the management skills of the MBA program and advanced training in engineering. Courses teach specific expertise in product and process development through projects, industrial interaction, and research in development and interdisciplinary methods.


Candidates must satisfy the admissions requirements for and be admitted to each program separately, including submitting applications to both programs by their respective deadlines. All MS/MBA applicants must take the GMAT. Students should apply to both programs simultaneously. However, students admitted to only the ME or MET program may also apply for admission to the MBA program during their first year of study.

Typically, MBA students admitted to the MBA program have on average four years post-undergraduate work experience. However, most joint MBA students do not have work experience and are admitted to the MBA program on an exception basis. Lacking work experience, these students must be superior in both leadership and academic preparation. While each applicant is evaluated on his or her own merits, MBA/MS applicants are expected to be above average academically, which is defined as a minimum GMAT score of 680.

Time Sequence

Students take courses and ideally complete their thesis in the ME or MET program during the first year of study. MBA courses are taken in the second year. The first year of study usually begins in the previous winter semester or spring term to facilitate thesis completion before entering the MBA program. Both MBA courses and at least one ME/MET course are taken in the third year. Students must begin the ME/MET program first and then join the MBA program in the second year.


Students pay the standard graduate tuition in their first year while taking ME/MET courses. The final two years are charged at the higher MBA tuition.


The BYU Marriott MBA is a non-thesis program. However, students are required to complete an ME/MET thesis as part of the joint degree program. It is strongly recommended that the thesis be completed and defended prior to beginning their MBA coursework.

Career Management

The Marriott School Business Career Center has worked hard to build relationships with companies who are interested in our joint MS/MBA candidates. In the past few years, the Business Career Center has engaged with the following companies as they sought to recruit students from the MBA/MS degree: Adobe, AGCO, Alpine Engineering, American Express, ATK, AT&T, Bechtel, Boeing, BD Medical, Caterpillar, Cisco, Cummins, DuPont, ExxonMobil, Ford, Freightliner, Hitachi, Honeywell, Intel, IM Flash, Lockheed Martin, Sage Point, Savage Services, Solar Turbines, United Stationers, and Walmart.