MBA Program

This program is made for collaborative problem solvers and people with big ideas. 

The small class sizes, cohort structure, teaching methodology, and array of opportunities for specialization work together to build the elemental tools needed to succeed as well as the vision to drive your success.  

Our collaborative approach to learning means every opinion and perspective matters. Classmates rely on each other. Professors meet with individuals and small teams. Simulations and case studies are designed to stretch students’ knowledge and invite collaboration. 

At BYU Marriott you will have access to world-class faculty, business leaders, and industry experts. You will participate in case studies, simulations, role-playing scenarios, project-based courses, multifunctional teams, and experiential learning. You will hear from brilliant entrepreneurs and seasoned executives. 

But the most valuable part of your BYU Marriott MBA experience will be working shoulder to shoulder and laptop to laptop with classmates jointly engaged in the pursuit of excellence.