Careers in Consulting After the BYU Marriott MBA Program

The BYU Marriott MBA program helps you excel in a consulting career

The BYU Marriott MBA program has a strong history of placing students at any of the Big Five consulting firms. Recent graduates have gone on to successful careers at all of the Big Five companies as well as Bain & Company. 

The BYU Marriott MBA curriculum also prepares you for a career in consulting because it is heavy with case studies, where you’ll learn how to find and present solutions to complex business problems. Here are some quick recommendations for what you can do to have a great career. 

Utilize BYU Career Management

The BYU Career Management team has helped students prepare for careers in consulting and gets involved in the preparation during orientation. The team will connect you with BYU Marriott MBA alumni in consulting and get you in front of the right recruiters. 

Make Time for Learn-Do-Becomes

Consulting firms want to see results from your work. Getting involved in a Learn-Do-Become during the BYU Marriott MBA program and having strong results is a great way to impress recruiters. Learn-Do-Becomes help prepare you as a consultant. Cougar Capital, Cougar Strategy, and other experiential learning opportunities are highly recommended because they give you hands-on experience as a consultant. 

Learn from Case Studies in the Classroom

The BYU Marriott MBA is heavy with case studies. As you work with a team to find answers to complex business problems, you will polish your ability to present your solution and other much-needed skills for a successful career in consulting.