The J. Reuben Clark Law School and the BYU Marriott School of Business have collaborated on a joint law and management program that allows qualified students the opportunity to earn a joint MBA/JD degree in four years of full-time graduate study. 


Candidates must satisfy the admissions requirements for and be admitted to each program separately, including submitting applications to both programs by their respective deadlines. They must also take both the LSAT (admissions test for the JD) and the GMAT or GRE (admissions test for the MBA).

Students should apply to both programs simultaneously. However, students admitted to only one program may apply for admission to the other program during their first year of study.

Time Sequence 

Students take classes in one program during the first year of study, classes in the other program during the second year, and classes in both programs during the third and fourth years. Students may choose which program to begin first.  


Because both a JD and an MBA are graduate-level programs, tuition for this joint degree follows the university’s graduate-level tuition guidelines.