At the BYU Marriott MBA program, we train complete leaders. Join us and expect to be stretched, inspired and challenged.

As a top-tier business school, BYU Marriott MBA students have excellent academic track records including exceptional GPAs and GMAT scores. What is not measured in these scores, however, are the life and work experiences our students bring with them. They have prior work and service experience, and know what it takes to achieve success in work and life. Ethics, community, and a sense of personal responsibility run deep in our students. As a BYU Marriott MBA student, you will not only collaborate and learn from these stellar individuals, but also contribute and mentor others in the MBA community.

You will become the kind of leader that lean, agile organizations demand. Teams are the fundamental unit of every organization. Our rigorous, relevant, and real-world classes intentionally give you more than you ever could do alone. You will be put into teams early and often to learn firsthand how and why teams and companies succeed. This will make you a desirable prospect to companies looking for leaders who collaborate with others, prioritize to get things done, and persevere under pressure.

BYU Marriott MBA faculty are valued leaders in their respective disciplines–their work can be found in top scholarly journals and academic conferences. At the same time, they’re incredibly generous with their students, in and out of the classroom. They stay involved in the business world, and keep their fingers on the pulse of what’s happening in business right now. This combination of high-quality research, real world experience, and intense commitment to student success gives the BYU Marriott MBA its distinctive intellectual vitality.

Our bright and accomplished students, generous and connected alumni, and expert faculty and staff result in well-placed graduates who know how to build something meaningful that lasts. Come join us.

Highly Ranked

#1 Human Resources

Princeton Review 

#6 Operations

Princeton Review 

#10 Entrepreneurial Training

Bloomberg Businessweek 

#17 International Business

Princeton Review

Great Placement

#1 Best Trained Graduates

Bloomberg Businessweek 

98% Placement (2022)

$109,700 average salary at graduation

Graduates get placement opportunities and work side-by-side with graduates from ivy-league programs

Great Experience

#1 Family Friendly 

The Princeton Review

40+ Fortune 500 companies visit campus each year

Faith-based institution