MBA Overview

A highly ranked MBA program with a focus on developing impactful leaders  

When you join the BYU Marriott MBA program, you become part of a group of people who bring more than exceptional GPAs, GMAT scores, and experiences. You join a carefully vetted group focused on developing the substance and vision to change the world around them. 

As students at a top-tier business school, BYU Marriott MBA students have excellent academic track records. Most have worked for top organizations. We know that beyond academic achievements, however, you bring rich life experiences that contribute to an uncommon maturity and perspective. 

Like others in the program, you bring a strong sense of ethics and personal responsibility that runs deep in those applying to the BYU Marriott MBA program. What is not measured in test scores and past academic performance are critical life lessons that instill a sense of purpose and a desire to do good and serve the world.  

Becoming a Leader

An elite-level Master of Business Administration degree prepares you as a leader. In the BYU Marriott MBA program, you will gain broad exposure to nearly every aspect of business, from the human relationships and skills required to effectively manage teams to an understanding of accounting, finance, operations, strategy, and analytics. You will also have an opportunity to dive deeper into several areas as you begin to fashion a specialization and onboard a unique skill set. Nonetheless, the primary focus of the BYU Marriott MBA program is to develop leaders. 

True leadership requires an astute awareness of what it takes to make an enterprise successful and how to bring all the components together in an efficient and constructive way. Leadership also requires a high degree of self-awareness and problem solving. 

Your time in the BYU Marriott MBA program will help you follow in the footsteps of J.W. and Alice Marriott to become the type of knowledgeable, skilled, and adaptable leader that today’s agile organizations demand. 

Focus on Teams

Teams are the fundamental unit of every organization. Our team-focused curriculum leverages the skills of individuals to strengthen the whole. You will learn firsthand how and why teams are the essential building blocks of successful companies. You will also learn how to build structure within the microcosm of your different student teams. These experiences will test your leadership and help you refine your management skills.

Exceptional Faculty

Every world-class program requires world-class faculty. The BYU Marriott MBA faculty are exceptional teachers, researchers, and mentors. Their academic work is frequently cited in top scholarly journals and news stories and at academic conferences worldwide. 

Our professors bring a wealth of personal industry knowledge to the classroom experience as well, with many faculty members having spent years building their careers in the private sector. They remain connected to the issues that face businesses today in an effort to prepare the leaders of tomorrow. 

Beyond their scholarly and professional successes, the faculty in the BYU Marriott MBA program are committed to the success of each individual student. They are incredibly generous with their time and value the student-mentor relationship. This combination of outstanding research, real-world experience, and intense commitment to students gives the BYU Marriott MBA a distinctive intellectual vitality.

Global Alumni Network 

BYU Marriott graduates go to work around the world. There are nearly 65,000 BYU Marriott graduates living and working in 78 countries. 

When you leave the MBA program, you join an auspicious group of leaders ready to welcome you in. The BYU Marriott alumni network is a community built upon collaboration, connection, and tight-knit relationships. In this community, alumni offer support, connections, and advice to help graduates cultivate meaningful relationships and excel as leaders all around the world. 

The BYU Marriott MBA program is a leadership program focused on building effective teams. The amalgamation of talented students with exceptional faculty in a finely tuned program produces graduates that join a global network committed to improving our world.