This page is dedicated to recruiters. 

The BYU | MBA Career Management team is here to assist you in matching opportunities our highly qualified and motivated students. We partner with companies to develop successful recruiting strategies in a win-win environment. 

Placement Data for BYU | MBA Class

4 years Average Work Experience

678 Average GMAT score

99% placed within in 90 days of graduation

$120,000 Median Average Salary

Recruiting Schedule

Fall Semester (Sept. – Dec.)

  • Information Sessions: Can begin in September, though we would encourage later in September to allow students the opportunity to get familiar with the ‘On-Campus Recruiting Process’
  • On-Campus First-year Interviews (for Internships): October 1st or later
  • For On-Campus Recruiting, we utilize the Handshake platform to post jobs or Information Sessions, please click here

Winter Semester (Jan. Apr.)

  • Information Sessions & Interviewing continue into the Winter Semester
  • ***NOTE: BYU | MBA graduation is typically late April (this can impact recruiting efforts)

Posting a Job & Scheduling an Information Session

To Post a Job or schedule an Information Session for current BYU Marriott MBA students, please click here

Extending an Offer

To provide students sufficient time to make an informed and thoughtful decision, please follow the offer guidelines below.

To download the offer guidelines, click here: Marriott School MBA Offer Guidelines.

Rescinding an Offer

In the event that a firm must withdraw an offer, please contact BYU | MBA Career Management Director, Perry Christensen, prior to discussing the issue with the student. Doing so as soon as possible will help Career Management offer the best assistance to the firm and the student.

Contacting MBA Career Management

Address: W455 TNRB, Provo, UT 84602
Phone: (801) 422-4164
Email: Perry Christensen