Cougar Strategy


Cougar Strategy is a student-led, in-house strategy consulting boutique that helps students learn a clear set of valuable models and tools; apply those skills in a real, in-depth business environment; and go on to become effective contributors in a variety of professional roles.

Students participating in Cougar Strategy provide strategic consulting and advisory services to start-up firms and their venture backers, enterprise clients, emerging market businesses, and social value organizations. Participating partner firms gain access to students with skills in strategy analytics, strategy formulation and testing, and strategy implementation services. Business partners have access to mentored student teams and a structured consulting process to accelerate their business performance. 

Cougar Strategy consists of nine credit hours over the course of three semesters. In the winter semester, interested students should take MBA 684A, the first course in the series. Out of that group, 15–16 students will move on to work the following year in Cougar Strategy, taking three credit hours in both the fall and winter semesters. Students will work on a variety of strategy projects, assume a leadership role within the Cougar Strategy organization, and engage in business development activities.

How to Join:

In order to apply, applicants will need to successfully complete MBA 684A – Advanced Strategy & Consulting during the winter semester of their first year. Mid February there will be an information session held, discussing more about how to apply to MBA 684 B – Advanced Strategy & Consulting for the second year fall semester.