Application Information

BYU Marriott offers ten limited-enrollment undergraduate programs. These programs are highly competitive. For more information, please see below.

Application Requirements

General Information

  • You may apply to a maximum of three undergraduate programs at once.
  • Academic (GPA measures) and holistic (essay and resume) criteria are evaluated in the admissions process.
  • Entry is competitive; not every student who satisfies the minimum criteria will be guaranteed acceptance.
  • Students are required to rank their program preferences (these preferences will not be shared with the admissions committee.)
  • Switching BYU Marriott majors is not allowed once accepted.
  • By accepting admission, students commit to a junior core during the upcoming fall semester and to subsequent coursework in sequence according to the program’s flowchart.
  • According to university policy, students must declare a major before reaching sixty credit hours. Students can declare a temporary pre-major of Pre-Business. Declaring Pre-Business is not required for admission. We recommend you consider declaring an alternative major that you could pursue if not admitted to a BYU Marriott program to ensure timely graduation. Students should apply to BYU Marriott before accruing ninety credit hours.

Academic Criteria

The table below summarizes what components are required for each application.

*Students interested in the B.S. Business Management degree should contact the Advisement Center and request to meet with a Pre-Business Academic Advisor (non-student) to learn more about the program and application. A meeting is required before opening an application.

Program-Specific Grade Criteria

Repeated and Transferred Prerequisites

  • The application process discounts repeated and transferred prerequisite courses to provide the admissions committee with a more objective evaluation of applicants.
  • This discount does not change the actual grades on your transcript; it is displayed only on your application.
  • The standard discount for transferring or repeating prerequisite courses is one grade step (e.g., A to A-).

Non-Transferable Courses

We will not evaluate transfer requests for the following courses:

  • IS 201: Introduction to Management Information Systems
  • FIN 201: Principles of Finance
  • M COM 320: Communication in Organizational Settings
  • ACC 310: Principles of Accounting 2

P/W Grades and Retaking Courses

  • W grades do not count as course completion, so a prerequisite course with a W will need to be retaken.
  • If a student retakes a prerequisite course in which a P/W grade was received in Winter 2020, the future grade will not be discounted in calculating the future prerequisite GPA.
  • If a student is retaking a prerequisite course in Winter 2020 and the retake grade is a P, programs will review the optional personal statement regarding COVID-19 and its impact on the associated P grade rather than use the prior grade.

Transfer Students

  • We recommend having a competitive letter grade in at least two prerequisite courses when applying.
  • For transfer students whose first semester is Winter 2020, the same GPA admissions criteria will be used, and we recommend completing the optional personal statement regarding the impact of COVID-19 on the application to explain any extenuating circumstances.


  • Each undergraduate program requires an essay. For more information, please see our Essay Tips.


  • Each program, with the exception of accounting, requires a résumé submission. Review the BYU Marriott résumé guide here. Download the general BYU Marriott résumé template for reference. Use a free software tool called VMock to get automatic feedback on your résumé’s formatting and content that is tailored to the BYU Marriott program of choice.

    Note: We suggest listing pre-business in the education section on your resume, regardless of your current major. You do not need to be declared a pre-business major in BYU’s system before applying.

Application Deadline

Applications are due on the last business day of June at 4:30 p.m. MDT.

Admission Statistics (2023)

Program ApplicantsAdmittedEnrolledAverage Prereq GPAAverage BYU GPA
Entrepreneurial Management15471583.323.45
Experience Design and Management2431591353.653.66
Global Supply Chain Management2852171353.593.58
Human Resource Management107100553.483.53
Information Systems3312722403.813.71
Strategic Management250117883.793.79
Strategy Minor1616153.783.76