Admission Criteria

Preparing to Apply

The experience design and management program is a limited-enrollment program, so students are required to apply for admittance. In order to have a strong application, we recommend taking the following steps:

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Most students apply after their sophomore year. The application consists of four parts:

  • GPA: Grades will be evaluated by assessing the following:
    • Prerequisite GPA in ACC 200, EXDM 300, and IS 201 (applications with competitive letter grades in at least two of these classes will be reviewed more favorably)
    • Last 30-credit-hour GPA and BYU GPA (calculations will use the posted university grades)
  • Résumé: We value content-rich résumés that are properly formatted and polished. Review the BYU Marriott résumé guide here. Download the general BYU Marriott résumé template for reference. Use a free software tool called VMock to get automatic feedback on your résumé’s formatting and content.
  • Essay: We are interested in understanding why you think ExDM is the right fit for you and how it will assist in working toward your educational and professional goals.

The application is due on the last business day of June at 4:30 p.m. MT. All prerequisites must be completed before applying.

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