Admission Criteria

Is Strategy a Good Fit for Me?

The strategic management program seeks to attract students with leadership potential who are driven, creative, detail oriented, analytical, critical thinkers, and who are looking for significant professional development. Developing good strategy for companies comes down to being able to solve difficult problems in a creative way using analytical reasoning, logic, and frameworks. As a strategy student you will tackle and solve challenging business problems, work on teams of highly-skilled students who are dedicated and driven, and learn how to become a confident business professional who is ready to lead and add value wherever you land.

How Do I Apply to the Major?

Admission to the strategic management major is competitive. The application consists of five parts: 


Grades will be evaluated using a best two out of three approach where programs will equally weight the best two out of three different potential GPA calculations for use in admissions decisions. The three calculation options are:

1. Prerequisite GPA
  • ACC 200: Principles of Accounting
  • IS 201: Introduction to Management Information Systems
  • 3.0 credits from the following list:
    • ACC 310: Principles of Accounting 2
    • ECON 110: Economic Principles and Problems
    • FIN 201: Financial Management
    • GSCM 201 & GSCM 211
    • IS 303: Introduction to Computer Programming
    • MKTG 201: Marketing Management
    • STAT 121: Principles of Statistics
2. Last 30-credit-hour GPA*
3. Overall BYU GPA*

*Calculations will use the posted university grades


Your ACT or SAT score will be considered in the admissions process.


Applicants will be asked to write about why they chose to apply to strategic management; what it is about a career in strategy that is appealing and why; and what personal attributes, background, or experiences they feel will help them excel in the major. 


Clearly-formatted, one-page résumé

Video Interview

Applicants will be asked to respond to several questions in a recorded interview format, including questions that involve quantitative and qualitative reasoning.

Applications for the strategic management program are accepted once a year. The application deadline is the last business day of June at 4:30 p.m. MT. Late applications will not be accepted.

For full details on the application, please click here.