Admission Criteria

Is Human Resource Management (HRM) a Good Fit for Me?

There are many personalities who excel in HR roles, but it is very important that an HR professional develops strong interpersonal skills in addition to gaining business knowledge.

Prospective HRM majors are encouraged to actively seek work experience, specifically in HR-related roles if at all possible. Becoming an intern or part-time employee will expose students to the world of business and can help them find out if HR is a good field for them to pursue. Early work experience will also open doors to future full-time positions.  

Prospective HRM majors are also encouraged to join SHRM to get a feel for the HR world.

How Do I Apply to the HRM Major?

Admission to the human resource management major is competitive. The application consists of three parts:


Grades will be evaluated using a best two out of three approach where programs will equally weight the best two out of three potential GPA calculations for use in admissions decisions. The three calculation options are:

1. Prerequisite GPA
  • IS 201: Introduction to Management Information Systems
  • MKTG 201: Marketing Management
  • 3.0 credits (highest grade available will be used) from the following list:
    • ACC 200: Principles of Accounting
    • ACC 310: Principles of Accounting 2
    • ECON 110: Economic Principles and Problems
    • FIN 201: Financial Management
    • GSCM 201 & GSCM 211
    • IS 303: Introduction to Computer Programming
    • STAT 121: Principles of Statistics
2. Last 30-credit-hour GPA*
3. Overall BYU GPA*

*Calculations will use the posted university grades


Prompts include why the student chose to apply to HRM; what it is about a career in HRM that is appealing and why; and what personal attributes, background, or experiences the applicant feels will help him/her excel in the HRM major 


Clearly-formatted, one-page résumé. HRM relevant experience and SHRM membership are heavily encouraged. 

For full details on the application, please click here.