An internship is work experience that will help you gain relevant knowledge and skills prior to starting out in a particular professional career field. Internships should be related to your major and your future plans.

Internships are an important part of your business school experience. Each student should plan on doing at least one internship while at BYU, but you should plan many internships throughout your BYU experience. The admissions committee will consider your relevant work experience and internships in your application to the program. Internships will help you understand career options, give you relevant work experience, and distinguish you from other candidates in job interviews.

On-Campus Internships

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You may do an internship for a company while going to school. You will be placed in a team of 5 students doing a company consulting project. Plan on spending 9-10 hours a week working on the project.

Off-Campus Internship

Students may complete an internship for a company away from campus or during the summer. Sources of information on off-campus internships include: 

  • BYU internship and job database
  • MSB internship database
  • International internships
  • to contact past interns
  • Discuss options with your mentor from BUS M 321
  • Network with alumni and friends

Your Current Job

(if it relates to your major or future plans).


  • IS student working at an IT office
  • Entrepreneurship student starting a company and being mentored by entrepreneurs
  • Pre-med student working for a doctor’s office as an assistant