Admission Criteria

Is Entrepreneurial Management a Good Fit for Me?

We are looking for students who fit our program’s culture and emphasis on innovation.

Involvement in entrepreneurial activities such as starting a new business, working for a new venture, taking one or more entrepreneurship classes, (i.e., ENT 101, 113, 300, and 301), and participating in entrepreneurship competitions, are not necessary for admission but will set you apart and strengthen your application. 

How Do I Apply to the Major?

Admission to the entrepreneurial management major is competitive. The application consists of three parts: 

GPA: Grades will be evaluated using a best two out of three approach where programs will equally weight the best two out of three different potential GPA calculations for use in admissions decisions. The three calculation options are:

  • Prerequisite GPA in ENT 113, IS 201, and MKTG 201 (at least two of these classes must have letter grades to use this option)
  • Last 30-credit-hour GPA (calculations will use the posted university grades)
  • Overall BYU GPA (calculations will use the posted university grades)

Essay: We will focus heavily on your essay responses to understand how your experience and interests would make you an excellent candidate for the program. 

Resume: Clearly-formatted, one-page résumé.

For full details on the application, please click here.