Transfer Information

Please follow the guidelines below on how to transfer to the BYU Marriott School of Business. Information on transfer credit is also below.

How to Transfer to BYU

Step 1: Apply to BYU

  • Apply to Brigham Young University through the admissions office.
  • Send official transcripts from all previously attended institutions to BYU.
  • Check BYU general education transfer evaluation information.

View BYU Transfer Guides

Step 2: Complete Prerequisite Courses

  • In order to be competitive in the admission process, transfer students should complete at least one semester of BYU courses and take many if not all of the prerequisite courses.
  • For more information about prerequisite courses, click here.

Step 3: Apply to BYU Marriott

  • Acceptance into BYU Marriott programs is limited and competitive.
  • For more information on application criteria and admission rates, click here.

Course Clearance

It is the student’s responsibility to ensure that transfer courses will satisfy BYU Marriott requirements.

View Business Transfer Guide

For business courses that have not been evaluated, transfer students may submit a request to have a course evaluated. Email a complete course syllabus, student name, and BYU ID number to The evaluation process typically requires at least two weeks. 

Update Student Record

Once business courses have been evaluated and cleared as equivalent courses, transfer students must submit a progress report discrepancy form to request that their academic records are updated to show transfer course equivalencies. Requests will be processed within 1-2 weeks.

Transfer Course Policies

  • Courses transferred from other institutions to fulfill prerequisites will be discounted three-tenths of a grade point for the application process (e.g. an A becomes an A-).
  • A maximum of six upper-division credits can transfer for upper-division requirements.
  • No transfer credits will be applied to a core class.
  • No D credit or below accepted.

Non-Transferable Courses

We will not evaluate transfer requests for the following courses:

  • IS 201: Introduction to Management Information Systems
  • IS 303: Introduction to Computer Programming, CS 142, or CS 111
  • FIN 201: Principles of Finance
  • M COM 320: Communication in Organizational Settings
  • ACC 310: Principles of Accounting 2