What If I Don’t Get In?

If a student is not admitted into a BYU Marriott undergraduate program, there are still many good alternatives available. Although each individual student has specific objectives and skills, the following are some alternatives to consider.

  1. Start with a Parallel Plan: While you are preparing to apply for a business major, pursue an alternate major that could transition into a minor. If you take introductory classes for another major while you are completing prerequisite coursework, it will allow you to more thoroughly explore and solidify your goals while progressing toward a degree. There are several majors that will teach you skills and theories that can help you land a successful career in the business world. 
  2. Declare a Business Minor: Once you have completed the prerequisite courses, you will have also completed most of the requirements for the business minor. Once you select an alternate major, declaring a business minor will give you a basic understanding of the core cross-functional areas of business (accounting, finance, human resources, marketing, supply chain, etc.). You may also consider a minor in entrepreneurship, global business and literacy, healthcare, information systems, or non-profit management.  
  3. Participate in Professional Development Opportunities: Participating in On-Campus Internships, joining professional clubs, and getting work experience will not only help you become a more competitive applicant for the business school but will also help you prepare for the business world. There are many careers in business that do not require a specific business degree. Be confident about your capabilities to succeed. 
  4. Prepare for a Professional Degree or an MBA: Students who are considering obtaining an MBA following their undergraduate program should understand that an undergraduate degree in business is not required for admission into an MBA program. In fact, often MBA programs prefer that students have a diverse undergraduate major.

Should I Reapply?

At times the volume of applications prevents us from accepting even those with high GPAs and strong experiences. Some students may decide to reapply after recognizing that they can significantly strengthen their prerequisite GPA or other aspects of their application. Since admission upon reapplication is not guaranteed and could delay or prevent students from progressing toward graduation and subsequent career goals, we recommend that you meet with an academic advisor in 460 TNRB to review whether you might be a good candidate for reapplication.