Essay Tips

Each of the degrees offered at BYU Marriott require a different application essay. This is a very important part of the application. Regardless of your GPA, we recommend that you spend a considerable amount of time answering the questions. We also recommend that you first type your essay into a word processing program, save your essay, and then copy and paste it into the application in the essay box below. If you logout, your application will be saved, but not formally submitted.


Cover the points below in an essay of 100-500 words.

Tell us more about who you are outside of GPA and academic accomplishments. You may consider addressing some of the following topics:  

  • Tell us something unique about yourself that we cannot get from your grades alone.  In other words, what differentiates you from every other School of Accountancy applicant?  As examples, tell us about your background, experiences, challenges, attitude, interpersonal skills, leadership skills, motivation, and so forth. 
  • Briefly tell us why you want to be a BYU accounting major.
  • Tell us about the non-academic demands on your time while you have been an undergraduate student. Examples include work, student athletics, student performing groups, volunteering, family, and so forth.
  • To the extent not previously discussed, highlight anything that you feel is important for the Admissions Committee to know in considering your application, including any personal hardships or events that you have faced that may have affected you or your studies.

(Updated April 2021)

Entrepreneurial Management

Answer each question below in separate responses of 50-300 words.

  • Tell us about an experience where you gathered and analyzed information to help you make a decision, solve a problem or develop a new idea.
  • How do you think you will eventually apply the skills that you will learn in the entrepreneurship program?

(Updated April 2021)

Experience Design & Management

Cover the points below in separate responses of 100-250 words.

  • Why is EXDM the best major for you and your educational/professional goals? (100-200 words)
  • Create a 60-90 second low-tech video providing something unique or creative that shows us why you should be admitted to the ExDM major. Once you have created the video please copy and paste the link (e.g., google drive, youtube, vimeo, etc.) here. Please take this opportunity to demonstrate your unique skills, personality, and creativity.

(Updated April 2021)


Please write a brief (100 – 500 words) essay explaining how getting a degree in finance will help you achieve your personal and/or career goals and why you believe you will succeed in our program and in achieving your personal objectives. Consider addressing the following subjects:

  • What are your personal and/or career goals?
  • How will getting a finance degree help you achieve your goals?
  • What have you done prior to applying to our program to work towards achieving your goals? 
  • What experience or exposure do you have to the world of finance (internships, Finance Society involvement, participation in Finance Society trips, important mentors, etc.)?
  • What about your past accomplishments demonstrates an ability to succeed in the finance program?
  • Is there anything else that has uniquely prepared or qualified you to succeed in the finance program?

Impromptu interview question.

(Updated April 2021)

Global Supply Chain Management

Answer each question prompt in separate responses of 100-200 words.

  • Why do you want to be a BYU Global Supply Chain Major?
  • What career path is of greatest interest to you?
  • How have you prepared for the Global Supply Chain Major? (You might include your contributions in clubs, jobs, internships, etc.)

(Updated August 2022)

Human Resource Management

Answer each question prompt in separate responses of 100-200 words.

  • Why are you applying to the Human Resource Management Major?
  • What personal attributes, background, or experiences do you feel will help you excel in Human Resources Management? (For example, you might reference involvement in student organizations such as SHRM, HR-related internships or jobs, etc.)

(Updated April 2021)

Information Systems

Cover the points below in an essay of 300-500 words.

  • Tell us about your accomplishments, background, talents, motivation to major in information systems, life experiences, challenges you have overcome, or anything you feel is important for the admissions committee to know.
  • What is unique about you or your situation that should be considered with your application?
  • Explain any deficiencies or irregularities in your academic record.

(Updated April 2021)


Cover the points below in an essay of 100-600 words.

  • We want to admit students who will be successful marketers. The key attributes of successful marketers include a passion for marketing, strong work ethic, and the ability and desire to learn. Given these attributes, market yourself by demonstrating evidence of these attributes from your life experiences such as prior work experience, internships, competitions, club participation, or coursework. Describe in detail one or two specific experiences.

(Updated April 2021)

Strategic Management

Answer each question prompt in separate responses of 100-200 words.

  • Why are you applying to the Strategy major/minor?
  • What is it about a career in this area that appeals to you, and why?
  • What personal attributes, background, or experiences do you feel will help you excel in the Strategy program?

(Updated April 2021)

General Essay Suggestions

The primary purpose of the essay is to help the admissions committee see how you differ from other applicants and to get a picture of who you are in addition to what is on your transcript.

The ideas below are general suggestions. Make sure you directly address the essay prompt for the program to which you are applying.

  • Let the committee know who you are—differentiate yourself
  • Consider essay basics: (1) a brief introduction paragraph with a thesis statement, (2) paragraphs/subheadings that support the thesis, and (3) a strong concluding paragraph
  • Your essay allows you to expound on what your resume cannot portray; try to complement your résumé rather than repeat its content 
  • Be concise; make every sentence count
  • Be creative, interesting, and professional
  • Be genuine; avoid trying to tell the story that you think the admissions committee wants to hear; your tone will likely show through 
  • Avoid cliché phrases or religious sentiments that do not connect to your essay’s core message or show relevance to your interest in business
  • More than half of Marriott School applicants are returned missionaries—in depth information about your mission may be important but often this information does not distinguish you from others
  • Explain how your participation in clubs relating to your preferred major helped you become a better qualified candidate
  • Humility is a positive trait, however, you still need to highlight your accomplishments and showcase your strengths.  
  • When telling stories about adversity explain the positive outcomes; focus on what you learned or how you overcame those obstacles
  • Similarly, if you feel you need to “explain” low grades or a poor semester, do so in a positive, concise way without making excuses; e.g., include what you’ve learned and how you have changed
  • Refer to recent accomplishments—when possible emphasize college experiences over those from High School 
  • Talk about your service, church or work experience in a unique way (e.g. a story); explain how your experiences and qualifications set you apart
  • Translate your experiences, even if they are entry-level jobs, into business frameworks, principles, and terminology; e.g., you can explain how your experience working in your local grocery store taught you about basic customer service, inventory management, or showed you the need for technological innovation in an established industry (e.g., self-service check-outs)