PhD Prep

Complete the following three courses, as well as all other required BS IS/MISM courses:

  • MBA 593R (First Fall): Pre-PhD Prep
  • IS 552 (Second Winter): MISM Capstone Project (Research)
  • IS 693R: Teaching (Replaces IS 550)

Complete the following pre-PhD requirements in addition to three MISM or research electives:

  • IS 571 (First Winter): Introduction to Academic Research in Information Systems
  • IS 693R (Second Fall): Research

Suggested research electives:

  • ACC 591R: Pre-PhD Prep by David Wood
  • STAT 511: Statistical Methods for Research 1
  • STAT 512: Statistical Methods for Research 2
  • PSYCH 712R: Functional MRI Design & Analysis
  • Additional research classes as approved by the track coordinator (Dr. James Gaskin) and the MISM program advisor.

All other MISM required and elective coursework hours remain the same as the non-track program. Not all classes are offered every semester.