The BYU Marriott Information Systems program continues to be inspired by our incredible alumni. We love hearing about your adventures and accomplishments and are doing more than ever to keep everyone connected. If you would like to share your story with us, please contact our IS Alumni Coordinator, Sarah Warcup. Come and see Sarah in 738 TNRB. She would love to meet you. Send her an email and let her know you’ll be stopping by.


The BYU Marriott IS social media accounts are great ways to learn about updates to the program, upcoming events, alumni career promotions, and other news.


The official BYU Marriott IS LinkedIn group is used exclusively by our current students and alumni. Here you can ask business or management questions, collaborate on startups, announce events and conferences, post jobs, stay connected with peers, reach out to the IS network, and more. Our group is a closed group, so if you wish to join, please follow the instructions below:

  1. Visit the group page (
  2. If you are not already pre-approved, follow the instructions to join
  3. Wait to receive a LinkedIn notification after your request has been vetted to ensure you are an alumni
  4. Accept the notification



IS Alumni Tailgate: Friday, September 29, 3 hours prior to kickoff, More details coming!

All Alumni Invited + 20-Year Reunion for the Class of 2003 + 10-Year Reunion for the Class of 2013!

IS Alumni Family Fiesta: Saturday, June 17, 12-3 p.m. (MT) – Register here

Want to Help?

As one of our IS alumni, you can support our BYU Marriott IS students and other alumni by volunteering to:

  • Become a student mentor
  • Join the Alumni Choice Awards Committee
  • Participate in panel discussions with students

Please complete our quick alumni survey by clicking the button below to let us know how you’d like to help the BYU Marriott IS program.

BYU Marriott IS Alumni Survey


    Help continue to build the Information Systems program by:


    Attend Information Systems Alumni events


    If you have internships or career opportunities, email Reid Grawe in the BYU Marriott Business Career Center.


    DONATE to a scholarship or the IS Student Support fund


    Alumni Directories

    Update My Info

    To update your personal information, click here or call the BYU Alumni office at 1-800-437-4663.

    Note that updates can take up to one week to appear in the directories.

    LINKEDIN Alumni Directory

    BYU Marriott IS students and Alumni are encouraged to include BYU Marriott in the education section of their personal LINKEDIN profiles. Doing so not only increases the visibility of BYU Marriott, it also includes students and alumni in BYU Marriott’s LinkedIn alumni database, and is a powerful tool for networking and keeping up with other IS and BYU Marriott alumni.

    BYU Marriott Alumni Directory

    The BYU Marriott Alumni Directory is an excellent resource for everything from looking up former classmates to seeing which fellow alumni work in a specific area. You can also lookup alumni up by company or industry if you are researching a particular company.  

    BYU Alumni Directory

    Although the BYU Alumni Directory is a university-level alumni tool, by selecting information systems as a search option (under the “All BYU Institution Majors” section) it can be used for targeted searches. It is almost identical to the BYU Marriott Alumni Directory, but selecting search criteria is easier and enables faster searches.

    Need help with something else?

    Contact BYU Marriott IS Alumni Coordinator Sarah Warcup.