Integrated Students

Students who are currently in the BYU Marriott information systems undergraduate program have the opportunity to apply for the integrated MISM program.

Application Information

At the conclusion of the second semester of their undergraduate information systems program, students will have the option to apply for the integrated MISM program in which students earn their BS in information systems and their MISM degrees concurrently with both degrees awarded to students upon graduation. Students may also choose to pursue only their BS in information systems degree.

Information systems students who are currently in the information systems junior core who wish to apply for the MISM program must complete the MISM integrated application on or before the last reading day in April. The primary admission criteria are IS core grades, essays, and citizenship in the core.

The GMAT is waived for students who have completed the BYU information systems IS core.

All applicants will be notified via email by the middle of May as to whether they have been accepted.


Other Students

If you are not currently in the BYU Marriott undergraduate information systems program but wish to apply for the MISM program, please read the non-integrated student application requirements.