Program Overview

The BS Information Systems program is available as a four-year traditional degree or as a five-year integrated option where students earn both the BS IS and MISM degrees. The BS IS program is a 64-credit degree including pre-management, IS core, and management courses.


Information Systems students learn to define, develop, and support the information system infrastructure that supports the operations of all businesses, governments, and other institutions. The BS Information Systems degree develops the ability to function effectively as a professional, applying state-of-the-art technology in solving business problems. Students are trained in business and information systems and taught to understand complex business environments.

Built on a solid foundation of business courses, the curriculum advances students’ understanding of technologies in the design and development of information systems. Students will gain technical expertise in systems analysis, design, and implementation; database development and management; programming; security; networking; business application development; data analytics; and machine learning and artificial intelligence.