At a Glance

The mission of the BYU Information Systems Department is to develop leaders of faith and character who can use, design, implement, manage, and research information systems to make intelligent organizational decisions.

What is Information Systems?

Information systems involves the synthesis of business and technology. Professionals define, develop, and maintain the information system infrastructure that supports the operations of all businesses, governments, and other institutions. These professionals use a wide variety of skills in carrying out this function.

Careers in Information Systems

Information systems graduates have a multitude of job opportunities and can work in almost any industry. The chart below is not a comprehensive list, but it does give a good idea of the types of jobs available to those with an information systems degree. For a more detailed list, visit Information systems professionals may lean toward one orientation more than the other but can work in both. 

Technical Orientation
Business Analytics
Cloud Infrastructure
Database Administrator
Director of IT
IT Consultant
Mobile Application Developer
Network Administrator
Programmer/Software Engineer
Quality Assurance/Testing Technician
Security Analyst
User Interface Engineer
Web Developer
Business Orientation
Development Manager
IT Auditor
IT Business Analyst
Management Consultant
Program Manager
Project Manager
Systems Analyst
Systems Designer
Technical Sales Manager
User Experience Designer

Historically, one hundred percent of information systems students seeking jobs have accepted offers within three months of graduation. Information systems graduates are employed all over the country, working for both multinational firms and startups.