Finding Family in the Marketing Program

PROVO, Utah – Apr 03, 2020 – Growing up in war-torn Jerusalem, Jeannine Mosarsa, a senior in BYU Marriott’s marketing program, had a different childhood from most BYU Marriott students. However, after leaving her family to move to the United States and attend BYU, the Marketing Association became a second family for Mosarsa.

“I’m a Palestinian,” says Mosarsa. “Going through checkpoints, checking in with soldiers, and not being able to go to a mall because I needed certain paperwork with me was the norm.”

However, Mosarsa also grew up with a supportive family. “I grew up in a loving home, with a mom and dad who truly cared about our education,” says Mosarsa. “My mom has been an example to me as she has shown me how strong and courageous women are.”

When Mosarsa decided to attend BYU, she left her home behind and moved to Provo. “I didn’t have a support system when I arrived in the United States, so I had to figure out my own phone plan and get my own credit card. I didn’t even have a car, so it was hard to get those things,” says Mosarsa.

Though Mosarsa feels that many college students face similar problems, coming to BYU was definitely an adjustment. Luckily, Mosarsa found a home in the BYU Marriott marketing program. Mosarsa notes that part of the marketing program’s appeal for her came from the combination of creativity and analysis, but the Marketing Association helped draw her to the program as well.  “I started going to the Marketing Association before I applied to the marketing program, and that’s when I fell in love with the community,” says Mosarsa. “I didn’t think twice before applying to the marketing program.”

Currently, Mosarsa serves as one of the Marketing Association’s executive vice presidents. As part of her work in the Marketing Association, Mosarsa has arranged student trips to New York and San Francisco, allowing students to network with companies and get a taste of what living in those cities would be like. “After those trips, I had people message me and say, ‘Thank you so much, the trip to New York helped me get a job,’ and ‘The trip to San Fransisco helped me get a job,’” says Mosarsa.

As a member of the Marketing Association’s leadership, Mosarsa helps develop the community aspect that she first loved about the club. “Though the work I put in at the Marketing Association can be considerable sometimes, I know I am helping people,” says Mosarsa. “I’m creating this community that wants to help each other be successful. That’s my proudest accomplishment.”

The community Mosarsa found in the Marketing Association is reflected in the marketing program as well. “Everybody knows each other in the marketing program, and the program is such a close-knit community,” says Mosarsa. “Competition exists, but the competition is about supporting people, not tearing them down.”

Though Mosarsa found a new community at BYU and BYU Marriott, she still keeps Jerusalem close to her heart. “I hope that in everything I do in my life, I will be able to inspire young Palestinian women and future generations. My long-term goal is to lift and support communities around me, especially my people,” says Mosarsa.

Jeannine Mosarsa. Photo courtesy of Jeannine Mosarsa.
Jeannine Mosarsa. Photo courtesy of Jeannine Mosarsa.
Mosarsa currently serves as one of the Marketing Association's executive vice presidents. Photo courtesy of Jeannine Mosarsa.
Jeannine Mosarsa currently serves as one of the Marketing Association's executive vice presidents. Photo courtesy of Jeannine Mosarsa.

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Writer: Natalia Green