Editing & Usage Guide

The BYU Marriott editing and usage guide is used for print and web publications such as Marriott Alumni Magazine and annual reports, department newsletters and blogs, and the school website. It is also provided as a resource for the media.

This guide aims to cover exceptions and items not sufficiently covered in other guides. For items not outlined here, consult the latest edition of the Chicago Manual of Style or Merriam-Webster Dictionary. The Associated Press Stylebook and style guides from BYU and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints may also be useful. Reference the BYU Marriott directory for correct names and titles of faculty and staff.

Updated September 2021


School Name


BYU Marriott School of Business Use in the majority of first references, especially when the audience is familiar with Brigham Young University or when the context of the piece establishes BYU. Precede with the when using the full name of the school. BYU’s Marriott School of Business is also acceptable.

Note: Full formal name of the school is the J. Willard and Alice S. Marriott School of Business, but the full name is used rarely, primarily for legal documents, etc.

Forbes ranked the BYU Marriott School of Business No. 5 in the country.
Two BYU Marriott School of Business students won top awards from the AAA.

Brigham Young University Marriott School of Business Use in first references in more formal and official materials, especially those viewed by outside audiences, including news releases. Precede with the when using the full name. Marriott School of Business at Brigham Young University or Brigham Young University’s Marriott School of Business are also acceptable.

The Brigham Young University Marriott School of Business offers top-ranked programs.
Jane Smith attended the Brigham Young University Marriott School of Business as an undergraduate student.

Six Brigham Young University Marriott School of Business MBA students combined their efforts to win the Deloitte Consulting Challenge.
The marketing program is part of the Marriott School of Business at Brigham Young University.

BYU Marriott May be used as a first reference in school web pages, blog posts, Marriott Alumni Magazine articles, and other materials when the business school designation is obvious. Do not precede with the.

He received a MAcc degree from BYU Marriott before completing his PhD.
He has worked at BYU Marriott full-time since 2009.
BYU Marriott students are encouraged to apply for internships related to their majors and career interests.

I attend the Marriott School.
BYU Marriott School faculty are superb.
Where can I get more information about the BYU Marriott?


BYU Marriott Use in the majority of secondary references. Refrain from using BYU Marriott School or Marriott School. Do not precede with the. (Refer to examples above.)


academic degrees and honors

Abbreviations The following list includes frequently used abbreviations for academic degrees and professional and honorary designations (Chicago 10.21).

BA, bachelor of arts
BFA, bachelor of fine arts
BS, bachelor of science
EMBA, executive master of business administration
EMPA, executive master of public administration
MA, master of arts
MAcc, master of accountancy
MBA, master of business administration
MD, medicinae doctor (doctor of medicine)
MFA, master of fine arts
MISM, master of information systems management
MPA, master of public administration
MS, master of science
PhD, philosophiae doctor (doctor of philosophy)

When following a personal name, academic degrees should not include periods and should be offset by commas (Chicago 10:21).

Joseph Hershall, MD, presented the award.

Capitalization When academic degrees are referred to in general terms, they are not capitalized (Chicago 8.29).

She earned her bachelor’s degree from the BYU Marriott School of Business in 2017.

Lowercase and italicize honors such as cum laudemagna cum laude, and summa cum laude.

She graduated summa cum laude in 2021.

Possessive Do not use the possessive unless it is directly followed by degree

bachelor’s degree
master’s degree in accounting
associate’s degree
(preferred over associate degree for consistency with other degrees)
master of accountancy
bachelor of arts
BS in finance

Punctuation Omit the periods on all degree abbreviations (Chicago 10.21). 

He earned his MBA at BYU Marriott.

Usage Do not use the name of a degree to refer to a person (instead of MBA, use MBA student, etc.).

Most first-year MBA students participated in the event.

See also degrees at BYU Marriott.

academic departments

See departments, academic.

accounting, accountancy

The term accountancy should be used when referring to the school or the degree. In all other situations, use accounting. 

He earned a master of accountancy degree last year.
Applications for BYU Marriott’s School of Accountancy are due tomorrow at 11:59 p.m.
Jane Doe is an associate professor in the School of Accountancy.

She is an accounting major.
She is majoring in accounting.
He is an accounting professor.
She teaches accounting at BYU Marriott.
Accounting professor Bob Smith gave the honorary lecture.

He earned a master’s degree in accounting last year.

See also departments.

administrative offices at BYU Marriott

The following lists official names and proper capitalization of administrative offices at BYU’s Marriott School of Business.

Business Career Center
See also centers.

Deans Office
See also Deans Office, dean’s office.

Marketing, Communications, and Technology

Undergraduate Advisement


Not adviser.

Air Force ROTC

In first references, use BYU Air Force Reserve Officer Training Corps or Air Force ROTC. In secondary references, AFROTC may be used. 

Note: AFROTC cadets train throughout college to prepare for commissions as second lieutenants upon graduation. BYU’s AFROTC is administered through BYU Marriott’s Department of Aerospace Studies, which offers a minor (but not a major) in aerospace studies.

alumna, alumnae, alumni, alumnus, alum, alums

Alumna is a female singular noun. Alumnae is a plural noun for female graduates. Alumni is a plural noun. Alumnus is a male singular noun. In writing with a more conversational or informal style, the shortened singular alum or plural alums may be used to refer to graduates of either gender.

Former students are considered BYU Marriott alumni if they had been admitted to a BYU Marriott program and had taken classes in that program for at least one semester.

She is a BYU alumna.
BYU alumni attended the conference.
He is a BYU alumnus.
Sally Smith, a BYU alum, says she learned a lot.

BYU Marriott alums have founded some of the most successful Silicon Slopes companies.

a.m., p.m. 

Lowercase and use periods (Chicago 9.37). Avoid the redundant 10 a.m. in the morning or 12 noon; noon or midnight alone are sufficient (Chicago 9.38).

Devotional will be held at 11:05 a.m.
Come at 4 p.m. for free food!

We will provide lunch for all employees at noon.

When written with a.m. or p.m., use the numeral alone. Add :00 only when other times in the surrounding text include minutes.

The class meets at 8 a.m. on Mondays and 9 a.m. on Fridays.
The webinar was originally broadcast at 6:00 p.m., then replayed at 8:30 p.m.
Join us Thursday, 9:00–1:30 a.m., to discuss ideas for the upcoming workshop.

AM and PM are acceptable in web applications where computer languages do not allow small caps or periods after a.m. and p.m. AM and PM may also be used for posters or other marketing materials.

See also time, time zones.

Army ROTC 

In first references, use BYU Army Reserve Officer Training Corps or Army ROTC. In secondary references, ROTC may be used. 

Note: ROTC cadets train throughout college to prepare for commissions as second lieutenants upon graduation. BYU’s ROTC is administered through BYU Marriott’s Department of Military Science, which offers a minor (but not a major) in military science. 


Names of awards, scholarships, and prizes are capitalized, but some generic terms used with the names are not (Chicago 8.83).

Nobel Prize in Medicine
Nobel Prize winner
Pulitzer Prize
a Pulitzer in journalism

National Merit Scholarship awards
Rhodes Scholar

BYU Awards:
Excellence in Teaching Award
Alumni Service to Family Award
Distinguished Service Award
Honorary Alumni Award
Karl G. Maeser Excellence in Teaching Award

awards at BYU Marriott

BYU Marriott bestows college-specific awards each year. The following lists official names and proper capitalization. Capitalize Scholars when it is part of the official name of the award or the official shortened reference.

Note: The sponsoring department is listed in parentheses after the award name for informational purposes only. Do not include the department as part of the official name.

N. Eldon Tanner Award (BYU Marriott)
Outstanding Faculty Award (BYU Marriott)
Bateman Award (BYU Marriott)
Eccles Scholars Award, Eccles Scholar (Whitmore Center)
Wilford A. Cardon International Sponsorship (Whitmore Center) is preferred in first references. For secondary references, use Cardon International Sponsorship. CIS is also acceptable if the acronym has previously been included in parentheses next to the full name.
Hawes Scholars Award, Hawes Scholars (MBA)
George E. Stoddard Prize (MBA) is preferred in first references. For secondary references use Stoddard Prize or Stoddard Scholars.
Williams Entrepreneurial Leadership Award (MBA)


Ballard Scholar for Social Impact

A program sponsored by the Ballard Center for Social Impact that is open to undergraduates from all majors that teaches students practical skills in the field of social innovation. Earning the Ballard Scholar is the equivalent of receiving an emphasis in the nonprofit management minor.

Big Four

Big Four refers to the four largest accounting and professional services firms: EY, KPMG, PwC, and Deloitte.

EY and other Big Four accounting firms felt that selling off their consulting branches was in their best interest. 

Bloomberg Businessweek

Do not italicize Bloomberg except when part of the title of Bloomberg Businessweek magazine. Before 2010 the publication was known as BusinessWeek.


Use boldface type for names of BYU Marriott students, faculty, staff, and alumni in Marriott Alumni Magazine’s news section and in select other BYU Marriott publications. Do not bold punctuation that immediately follows a bolded name (Chicago 6.3).

The winner was Tyler Stevens.
Brigitte Madrian, BYU Marriott dean, gave the opening address.


A generic term used to refer to business school. Use the spelled-out term business school in most cases. Never use in place of BYU Marriott School of Business.


Do not capitalize building or other words such as avenue, boulevard, bridge, church, fountain, hotel, park, room, square, street, or theater unless they are part of an official or formal name. Avoid the abbreviation bldg. Do not capitalize the final word in Tanner Building addition.

The N. Eldon Tanner Building, completed in early 1983, was the first Brigham Young University academic building to be financed completely by contributions. The building was renovated in 2008.
The information session was held in room 208 of the Tanner Building.

The Special Collections Reading Room is on the first floor of the Harold B. Lee Library.
The Tanner Building addition houses state-of-the-art teaching facilities as well as individual and group study areas.

Business Career Center

In first references, the full name, Steven and Georgia White Business Career Center, is preferred but BYU Marriott Business Career Center may also be used. In secondary references, use the Business Career Center or simply the career center. Do not use White Business Career Center.

business school

Do not use in place of BYU Marriott School of Business.

See School Name.


Use an en dash. Ricks College was officially renamed BYU–Idaho in 2001. Degrees prior to this date should be listed as Ricks College; after this date, degrees are listed as BYU–Idaho. 


Use an en dash.

BYU–Pathway Worldwide

Use an en dash. In secondary references, BYU–Pathway is acceptable.



No punctuation is needed at the end of a caption consisting solely of an incomplete sentence. If a caption is made up of both complete and incomplete sentences, incomplete ones may be followed by a period for consistency (Chicago 3.21).

Brigitte Madrian, dean of BYU Marriott School of Business
Brigitte Madrian. Madrian became dean of BYU’s Marriott School of Business in 2019.

If photo credit is not given elsewhere in a publication, include it at the end of the caption and follow it with a period. Use the phrase photo courtesy of if someone has simply provided a photo; use photo by when the person was the photographer.

John Doe took inspiration from English gardens when he landscaped his own backyard. Photo by John Doe.
Jane Smith and her family. Photo courtesy of Jane Smith.


Capitalize center in official titles (Chicago 8.68). The preferred primary and secondary references for each BYU Marriott center is listed below. Make sure to maintain consistency in primary and secondary references within the same publication. 

Ballard Center for Social Impact In first references, Ballard Center for Social Impact is preferred but the full name, Melvin J. Ballard Center for Social Impact, may also be usedIn secondary references, use the Ballard Center or simply the center. Do not rearrange the name of the center, such as Ballard Social Impact Center. Before January 2020, the official name was the Ballard Center for Economic Self-Reliance; references prior to this time should reflect the earlier name.

Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology In first references, Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology is preferred but the full name, Kevin and Debra Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology, may also be used (use and, not &). In secondary references, Rollins Center or simply the center is preferred. 

Whitmore Global Business Center In first references, Whitmore Global Business Center is preferred but the full name, Kay and Yvonne Whitmore Global Business Center, may also be used (use and, not &). In secondary references, use the Whitmore Center, GBC, or simply the center. Before September 2020, the official name was Whitmore Global Management Center; references to the center prior to this time should reflect the earlier name.

The Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology will be sponsoring the event. The Rollins Center has sponsored five events this year.
Many students visit the center for help with finding a cofounder.

See also Business Career Center.


Spell out and lowercase centuries between one and nine; use ordinals for centuries 10 and above. If used together in the same sentence, use ordinals in both cases. (Chicago 9.3, alternative number rule). 

Jesus’s apostles preached throughout the ancient world during the first century.
Sustainability is a hot topic for 21st-century businesses. 
The 20th century seems so long ago.


See Management Society.

chief officers

When referring to the chief officers of an organization in headlines, titles, and text, spell out first references to all titles except CEO and CFO. After the first reference, the acronyms of other titles may also be used. Include the abbreviations after spelled-out titles that are repeated later in the text.

Appointed in 2007 by the CEO and president of his company, Johnson was the most senior chief information officer at the conference.
Johnson appointed fellow BYU alum Bobby Smith as chief technology officer (CTO). As CTO, Smith oversees the company’s technological challenges and opportunities.


The official name of the Church that sponsors Brigham Young University is The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.

History The name of the Church was given by revelation from God to Joseph Smith in 1838. While the term Mormon Church has long been publicly applied to the Church as a nickname, it is not an authorized title and should not be used. 

Usage In first references, the full name of the Church is preferred. In secondary references, when a shortened reference is needed, the terms “the Church” or the “Church of Jesus Christ” are encouraged. “The restored Church of Jesus Christ” is also accurate and encouraged.

When referring to church members, members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day SaintsLatter-day Saintsmembers of the Church of Jesus Christ, and members of the restored Church of Jesus Christ are preferred. The terms Mormons and LDS should not be used.

Mormon is not acceptable unless correctly used in proper names, such as the Book of Mormon, or when used as an adjective in such historical expressions as Mormon Trail.

When referring to people or organizations that practice polygamy, the terms MormonsMormon fundamentalistMormon dissidents, etc. are incorrect. The AP Stylebook notes: “The term Mormon is not properly applied to the other . . . churches that resulted from the split after [Joseph] Smith’s death” (AP Stylebook, “Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, The”).

Capitalization Lowercase church when used as a modifier, as in church leaders or church activities.

Church terminology The following list includes commonly used church-specific terms and their proper spelling and capitalization. Note: In some cases, BYU Marriott style differs from the Church style guide.

112th Annual General Conference
145th Semiannual General Conference 
April 2021 general conference
April general conference
(Capitalize when it precedes the name of a male general church officer.)
(Capitalize the initial E when used before the name of a general authority.)
general authority
general conference
high councilor
Primary general board member

Relief Society president
Sister (Capitalize when it precedes the name of a female general church officer.)
stake president
Young Women president (not Young Women’s president)

Style Guide For additional questions, please refer to the official style guide for The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.


The acronym stands for Centers for International Business Education and Research. Since 2002, the Whitmore Global Business Center has been designated by the US Department of Education as a CIBER. Spell out and explain CIBER on first reference. Add a lowercase s for the plural form.

As a Center for International Business Education and Research (CIBER), the Whitmore Global Business Center works toward internationalizing BYU Marriott.
The Whitmore Center, which is part of the CIBER network of schools, sponsors many programs with an international focus.

There are 15 nationally designated CIBERs in the United States.

cities, international

No country name is needed when the following cities are mentioned (AP Stylebook, “datelines”).

Guatemala City
Hong Kong
Kuwait City
Mexico City
New Delhi
Panama City
Quebec City
Rio de Janeiro
San Marino
São Paulo
Vatican City

Check names of all international cities and include special characters as shown in Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

They traveled to Vienna and Zurich during the internship.
She studied abroad in Göteborg, Sweden, last semester.
We vacation in Cancún, Mexico, at least twice each year.

See also cities, US.

cities, US

No state is needed when the following cities are mentioned (AP Stylebook, “datelines”).

Las Vegas
Los Angeles
New Orleans
New York
Oklahoma City
St. Louis
Salt Lake City
San Antonio
San Diego
San Francisco

Washington, DC

Include special characters in city names as shown in Merriam-Webster Dictionary.

I was born in San José, California, but moved to Los Angeles when I was five years old.

class titles

Lowercase class titles when followed by class. Capitalize a class title when it stands alone, is followed by a numeral, or includes a proper noun (Chicago 8.85, 8.86). 

I am really struggling with my introduction to accounting class.
I am really struggling with Introduction to Accounting.
The internet marketing class is popular.
Internet Marketing 101 is a very popular class.
I am taking a Shakespeare class and an English class this semester.


See sherpa.


See student associations at BYU Marriott.

co- prefix

Close up all words with co- prefix and do not hyphenate unless not doing so would create a misreading. Although the spellings largely conform to Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary, refer to the tables in Chicago to ensure accuracy (Chicago 7.89, section 4).




It is generally unnecessary to include the .com suffix for web-based companies like Amazon and eBay. However, .com should be included when referring to a specific domain name or if it is part of a company’s official name.

Amazon has quickly become the world’s most influential online retailer. Its new website, amazon.com/giftcards, is making news.
Hotels.com offers travelers deals on lodging.

See also URLs.

comma in a series

When a conjunction joins the last two elements in a series of three or more, a comma should appear before the conjunction (Chicago 6.19). 

Students came from Japan, China, and Korea.

competitions at BYU Marriott

BYU Marriott sponsors several student competitions each year. The official titles and correct capitalization follow.

Note: The sponsoring center shown in parentheses following the name of the competition is for informational purposes only. Do not include it as part of the official name.

Business Language Case Competition (Whitmore Center)
High School Business Language Competition (Whitmore Center)
Miller Competition Series (Rollins Center)
            App Competition
            Big Idea Pitch
            Business Model Competition
            Miller New Venture Challenge
Social Innovator of the Year (SIOY) (Ballard Center for Social Impact)
Student Entrepreneur of the Year (SEOY) (Rollins Center)

The Big Idea Pitch is the first competition in the Miller Competition Series.
The Rollins Center recently announced 2020’s Student Entrepreneur of the Year.


Capitalize only if the term is part of an official title. 

The eighth annual Management Conference was a success. The conference had more participants than ever before.

course titles

Course titles are spelled out and capitalized in first references in news and feature stories. Use a colon between the course number and course title. In other instances, such as secondary references or website text, use the following abbreviations followed by the course number:

ACC Accounting
AEROS Aerospace Studies
EMBA Executive Master of Business Administration
ENT Entrepreneurial Management
Experience Design and Management
FIN Finance
Global Supply Chain Management
Human Resource Management
 Information Systems
MBA Master of Business Administration
MIL Military Science
MKTG Marketing
Master of Public Administration
Marriott School of Business (non-major specific)
STRAT Strategic Management

I took Marketing 201: Marketing Management during the fall 2020 semester.
My first BYU Marriott course was Accounting 200: Principles of Accounting.
Register for STRAT 401.

credit hours

In running text, spell out the number of credit hours. In a list or text dense with numbers, numerals are appropriate.

ACC 241 was three credit hours.
It is a three-credit-hour course.

C-suite, C-level

Terms used to describe high-ranking executive titles, such as CEO, CFO, or chief information officer.



There are several kinds of dashes that differ in length and use. 

Em dash (—) Use the em dash to denote a sudden break in thought that causes an abrupt change in sentence structure (Chicago 6.85, 6.87).

The anticipated result of this effort—and it is already proving to be correct—is that local students who take these courses will be in a stronger position to find meaningful employment.

Use the em dash to give emphasis or explanation (Chicago 6.85).

MTC missionaries consume 167,000 gallons of milk annually—the entire production of a 300-cow dairy.

En dash (–) Use the en dash to connect continuing or inclusive date, time, or reference numbers unless the word from or between precedes the first element in the pair (Chicago 6.78).

pp. 38–45

10 a.m.–5 p.m.
John 4:3–6:2
May–June 1967
13 May 1965–9 June 1966
from 1968 to 1972 (never from 1968–1972)
from May to June 1967 (never from May–June 1967)
between 1968 and 1970 (never between 1968–70)
between 10 a.m. and 5 p.m.

The en dash can also be used in place of a hyphen in a compound adjective when one of its elements is an open compound or when two or more of its elements are open or hyphenated compounds (Chicago 6.80).

the post–World War II years
a hospital–nursing home connection

Hyphen (-) Use the hyphen to separate numbers that are not inclusive, such as telephone numbers and social security numbers (Chicago 6.77).

He can be reached at 801-422-7696.

Use the hyphen for compound words and in word division. In general, follow a spare hyphenation style. Refer to the tables in Chicago 7.89 to check which words require hyphenation. If no suitable example can be found there or in Chicago 7.81-7.88, follow Merriam-Webster’s Collegiate Dictionary.

He was once a three-term governor.
Orem is the fifth-largest city in Utah.

Place a hyphen between compound adjectives if they precede the nouns they modify. Do not hyphenate if they follow the noun (Chicago 7.85, 7.89 section 3):

all- (all-inclusive study; study that is all inclusive)
full- (full-length mirror; the mirror is full length)
upper-, lower-, mid-, etc. (some exceptions: highland, midlife, lowbrow)
quasi- (adjectives only: quasi-legislative or quasi-judicial)
self- (but not self plus a suffix: self-supported vs. selfless)
-century (adjectives only: fifth-century but the fifth century)

When a prefix stands alone, add a hyphen (Chicago 7.88).

The atrium is both over- and underused by the students.


Although data has traditionally been categorized as a plural noun, it is acceptable to use a singular verb with data.

The data is conclusive.


Use the month-day-year style with a comma setting off the year. When a day of the week is given, separate it from the month and day by a comma (Chicago 6.38). 

The conference will begin on August 28, 2021.
Students participated from Monday, April 26 to Friday, May 7.

When a date is identified by month and year, no internal punctuation is necessary or appropriate.

The next alumni board meeting will be in March 2022.

When a day is mentioned without a month or year, spell out the numbers one through nine and use numerals for 10 through 31. The letters in ordinal numbers should not appear as superscripts (Chicago 9.3, alternative number rule).

By the 25th, everyone had left town.
Most tenants must pay their rent by the first.

When dates and times are used together, list the date first followed by the time.

Log on to BYUtv on August 3 at 11:05 a.m, to hear John Bingham speak at the summer’s final BYU Devotional.

Deans Office, dean’s office

Deans Office refers to the administrative office at BYU Marriott; never use Dean’s or Deans’ Office. The actual room where the dean of the college works is the dean’s office; this term is lowercased and uses the possessive form.

The Deans Office staff decorated the dean’s office with photos of BYU Marriott students.


Use numerals for decades as long as the century is clear (Chicago 9.31, alternative number rule). Do not include an apostrophe between the numerals and s.

I lived through the 90s.
We studied the 1920s and 1930s last semester. 

degrees at BYU Marriott

The BYU Marriott School of Business offers nine undergraduate and four graduate degrees. All BYU Marriott undergraduate degrees hold bachelor of science designation. Students intending to apply to BYU Marriott are said to be pre-business students. When mentioning alumni who graduated in past programs not listed below, refer to the major or program listed in BYU’s alumni database. Do not capitalize degree names within running text.When used with the name of the school, primarily use BYU Marriott or BYU Marriott’s. Use BYU Marriott School of Business on first references only when using the shortened BYU Marriott reference could lead to confusion. Never exclude Marriott or use only BYU.  

If it is necessary to reference a degree with an emphasis, use the general degree name followed by with an emphasis in _________  (BS in management with an emphasis in marketing). In display type, use the general degree name followed by an en-dash and then the emphasis (BS management-marketing.)

Graduate degrees
master of accountancy The abbreviation MAcc is preferred. Always precede MAcc with a, not an

master of business administration The abbreviation MBA is preferred. Always precede MBA with an. Executive MBA students earn master of business administration degrees, not executive master of business administration degrees.

master of information systems management The abbreviation MISM is preferred. Always precede MISM with an

master of public administration The abbreviation MPA is preferred. Always precede MPA with an. Executive MPA students earn master of public administration degrees, not executive master of public administration degrees.

Undergraduate degrees
BS in accounting

BS in entrepreneurial management (or BS in entrepreneurship)

BS in experience design and management (or BS in experience design)

BS in finance 

BS in global supply chain management (or BS in global supply chain, BS in supply chain)

BS in human resource management (or BS in human resources)

BS in information systems 

BS in marketing 

BS in strategic management (or BS in strategy) 

He graduated with his master of accountancy degree in 2010.
She earned her master of public administration degree after finishing the EMPA program.
BYU Marriott offers a BS in entrepreneurial management.

I will complete a bachelor’s degree in strategy in August 2022.

See also programs at BYU Marriott.

departments, academic

When used with the name of the school, capitalize the full name of the department and precede with BYU Marriott or BYU Marriott’s. Use BYU Marriott School of Business on first references only when using the shortened BYU Marriott reference could lead to confusion.

Capitalize the full names of departments in first references. In secondary references, department may follow the name of the discipline, with all words lowercased (finance department, information systems department). Do not abbreviate as Dept. or dept. Lowercase the generic departmentinstitute, or school when used alone. At BYU Marriott, departments refers to the internal organization of faculty teaching and research, not to student majors or programs.

See also degrees at BYU Marriott, programs at BYU Marriott.

Department of Aerospace Studies

Department of Experience Design and Management May also use Experience Design when referring to the department.If an abbreviated term is needed, particularly in headlines, use ExDM. The department, previously known as Recreation Management, transferred to BYU Marriott from the College of Health and Human Performance in August 2009.

Department of Finance

Department of Information Systems If an abbreviated term is needed, particularly in headlines, use IS. Do not use ISYS. 

Department of Management

Department of Marketing and Global Supply Chain If an abbreviated term is needed, particularly in headlines, use MKSC.

Department of Military Science

MBA (MBA program)

Romney Institute of Public Service and Ethics (MPA program) In first references, Romney Institute of Public Service and Ethics is preferred but the full name, George W. Romney Institute of Public Service and Ethics, may also be used. In secondary references, use the Romney Institute or simply the instituteBYU Marriott’s MPA program or MPA program are also acceptable. Never use only BYU or BYU’s preceding MPA program or Romney Institute. When possible, mention the Romney Institute’s relationship with the BYU Marriott School of Business.

School of Accountancy Always capitalize. Preferred references to BYU Marriott include BYU Marriott’s School of AccountancySchool of Accountancy at BYU MarriottSchool of Accountancy at BYU Marriott School of Business, or School of Accountancy at Brigham Young University Marriott School of Business. Avoid the awkward juxtaposition of the BYU Marriott School of Business School of Accountancy or BYU Marriott School School of Accountancy. Do not use School of Accounting. Never exclude Marriott or use only BYU.

The professor is a member of the BYU Marriott Department of Information Systems.
There are many students in the BYU Marriott School of Business Department of Finance.
Nile Hatch is a professor in the Department of Management. He teaches three classes in the management department each semester.
John Doe graduated from the School of Accountancy at BYU Marriott in 2001.
BYU Marriott’s School of Accountancy is No. 3 in the nation.

The professor is a member of the BYU Marriott department of information systems.
Who is the chair of the BYU Marriott School Department of Marketing and Global Supply Chain?
The BYU School of Accountancy’s office is on the fifth floor.
The Tanner Building houses the School of Accounting.
Click here to apply to the BYU Marriott School of Business School of Accountancy.

different from, different than

In general, the preferred usage is different from. However, different than is preferred when a clause follows than and in elliptical constructions.

She is not afraid to be different from everyone else.
My idea of a good grade is different from his.
Things are different than they used to be.
This semester was no different than last semester had been.
He drives a different make than [the car that] I drive.

double spacing

Place only one space after periods and all other punctuation marks.



Use a lowercase e and b and a hyphen, except when beginning a sentence (E-business) or in a headline (E-Business). Follow the same rule with similar words, such as e-commerce and e-book.


Use a lowercase e and no hyphen. 

The Alumni Association offers access to a lifetime, web-based email system that can be used by all BYU graduates.

For email addresses, lowercase everything. Avoid underlining emails since underscores can be difficult to distinguish.

My email is style_guide@byu.edu.

emphases with academic degrees

See degrees at BYU Marriott.

experiential learning programs

In experiential learning programs, MBA and MPA students gain hands-on, real-world experience as they manage real resources. Following is a list of experiential learning programs with their official names and proper capitalization.

Note: The sponsoring department listed in parentheses after the name is for informational purposes only and should not be included as part of the official name.

BYU Analytics (MBA)
Cougar Capital (MBA)
Cougar Strategy (MBA)
Cougar Talent Solutions (MBA)
Crocker Innovation Fellowship, Crocker Innovation Fellowship program, Crocker Fellows (BYU Marriott)
Good Measure (MPA)
Grantwell (MPA)
Healthcare Industry Scholar (MBA)
Marketing Lab (MBA)
Savage Global Consulting program (MBA)
Silver Fund (MBA)

experiential learning project

Projects backed by BYU Marriott, including on-campus internships, field studies, and capstone projects, that give students career-oriented experiences to help them define career goals, enhance their classroom learning, and increase their attractiveness to recruiting companies.



A plural noun meaning “the teaching and administrative staff in an educational institution.” 

Most of the faculty prefer to use hardback books rather than online texts.
The faculty collaborate in their teaching to highlight key concepts that bridge multiple disciplines and streamline the learning process.

Fortune 500

Use a capital F and the number 500.

General Electric, a Fortune 500 company, announced plans to merge with Honeywell.

Founders Launchpad

Not Founder’s OR Founders’. In secondary references, the launchpad is acceptable.

See also Rollins Center Entrepreneur Founders.

fundraising, fundraiser, fundraise

Do not hyphenate.


general authorities

Lowercase all general authority titles (president, first counselor, etc.) when they follow a name or are used in place of a name (Chicago 8.19). This is a departure from the Church style guide 8.4 We follow the BYU style guide’s exception to this rule in order to avoid inconsistencies in texts between titles of general authorities and those who are not general authorities.

The president of the Church met with the president of BYU.

The same holds true for apostle when it is used generically or as a title (Chicago 8.93). This is contrary to Church Style Guide 8.33, which says to “capitalize the term Apostle, even when used in apposition or as a title.” 

Dale G. Renlund was called as an apostle on October 3, 2015.
All twelve apostles attended the Rome Italy Temple dedication.

Global Business Certificate

A program sponsored by the Whitmore Global Business Center that represents the highest achievement in international business that BYU Marriott awards. To earn the certificate, students must show foreign business language competency, complete international business coursework, and gain international business experience.

When referring to the Global Business Certificate, do not use the acronym GBC as this could be confused with Global Business Center.



Use the headline style of capitalization (rather than sentence style) for headlines (Chicago 8.159-160). Use the following rules as a guide:

  1. Always capitalize the first and last word.
  2. Capitalize all words in titles or headlines that are five letters or longer, regardless of their grammatical function. (This follows the exception to Chicago outlined in the BYU style guide.)
  3. Lowercase the articles thea, and an.
  4. Lowercase prepositions with fewer than five letters except when they are used adverbially or adjectivally (Look Up, Turn Down, The On Button).
  5. Lowercase the conjunctions andbutforor, and nor.
  6. Lowercase to and as in any grammatical function.
  7. Lowercase the part of a proper name that would be lowercased in text, such as de or von.

For guidelines on how to capitalize hyphenated compounds, refer to Chicago 8.161.


Do not hyphenate.


On websites and in emails, hyperlink words without their surrounding punctuation.

The article, “Back to the City” is cited by many authors.


See dashes.


Impact Investing program

A program through the Rollins Center in which students learn skills and gain experience in investing in sustainable social ventures that are creating positive social impact.

International Hub

A group of BYU Marriott students and professors that creates multimedia content focused on international business principles, which is used to educate others. In first references, use International Hub; in secondary references, iHub is acceptable.




Italicize complete works, such as the titles of books, magazines, movies, newspapers, and plays. Also italicize foreign words, words that refer to themselves (ain’t isn’t a word), or exclamations. To emphasize a word or phrase, use italics rather than all caps. Do not italicize punctuation that does not belong to the title or exclamation—it should instead match the surrounding text (Chicago 6.2).

Bloomberg Businessweek‘s rankings were fair.
Many editors admire 
Wired Style: it is both elegant and easy to use.
One of my favorite words is 
peppy; it always makes me smile.
Are you saying the wound was 
The professors authored 
Boom Start: Super Laws of Successful Entrepreneurs.

See also magazine



Always capitalize these file name acronyms unless using them as file extensions. 

Please submit photos as JPEG or GIF files and send text in PDF format. 
The photo I have attached, vacation.gif, is in color.

Jr., Sr.

Do not set off with commas (Chicago 6.43).

James Madsen Jr.
John Smith Sr.

junior core

Students in BYU Marriott majors are required to complete a junior core, consisting of major-area classes taken with the same group of students. Lowercase the term junior core

The accounting program’s junior core was redesigned in 2020.
Jordan Johnson met his cofounder in the IS junior core.


login, log in

Use login (and similar words like logon and logoff) as a closed compound when used as a noun, but use log in when used as a verb (AP Stylebook, “login”).

The login box is in the upper right corner of the screen. Go to the Alumni Association website to log in and register today.


Madrian, Brigitte C.

In official signature blocks or when referring to academic publications, use the dean’s first and last names and include her middle initial. For BYU Marriott publications or internal communications, drop the middle initial. When possible, avoid using the title dean before the name to avoid confusion with the first name Dean.

Brigitte C. Madrian and Dennis Shea coauthored “The Power of Suggestion: Inertia in 401(k) Participation and Savings Behavior” in 2001.
Brigitte Madrian, dean of BYU Marriott, welcomed the students back to campus.


For some magazines, it may be necessary to add magazine to the first reference of the title to ensure clarity. Do not capitalize or italicize magazine unless it is part of the official title.

Entrepreneur magazine recently ranked BYU Marriott 12th in the nation in its annual undergraduate program review.

See also italics.


Always lowercase majors unless they are proper nouns, such as languages.

Bob Smith is a senior majoring in marketing.
Bob Smith majored in English before earning his MBA.

See also degrees at BYU Marriott, minors, programs at BYU Marriott

Management Society

Use BYU Management Society in first references. Use the Management Society or simply the society in secondary references. Capitalize Chapter when referring to a specific chapter but lowercase when used in general references. Do not abbreviate as BYUMS. In first references, names of chapters should be written in the following format: State-City-Chapter (Texas Dallas Chapter) for US chapters, and Country-State (if applicable)-City (if applicable)-Chapter (England London Chapter, Brazil Rio Grande do Sul Pelotas Chapter). In secondary references, the informal names with lowercased chapter (Boston chapter, St. George chapter)are acceptable.

Refer to the BYU Management Society website for more information.

Many alumni and friends of the school have joined the BYU Management Society. The society was established in 1977.
The Colorado Denver Chapter was founded in May. The chapter already has fifty members.

The Massachusetts Boston Chapter organized a series of workshops on personal finance.
Leaders of the Boston chapter reported that more than 100 people attended.
Leaders in the Finland Chapter sponsored a countrywide networking event.
He is president of the Brazil Rio do Sul Pelotas Chapter.

Marriott Alumni Magazine

BYU Marriott’s alumni magazine was named Exchange until June 2001 when it was renamed Marriott Alumni Magazine. Quotations from and references to these publications should reflect this change.

Exchange reported the happenings of the business school for more than two decades. Marriott Alumni Magazine continues this great tradition.

media, medium

When medium refers to any physical material used to store data, such as DVD, disk, or paper, the plural noun is media, which takes a plural verb. When medium refers to those who claim to commune with the dead, the plural noun is mediums.

The best medium for this project is the internet.
The media used for this project are very fitting.

The term media (or mass media), when it is used to refer to the collective group of newspapers, magazines, radio, television, motion pictures, and the internet, has a singular connotation and may take a singular verb.

Today’s media is quickly becoming overwhelming.


Always use as one word and lowercase the e. The term microenterprise is preferred over microfinance. Do not change if microfinance is part of an official title.


Always lowercase minors unless they are proper nouns, such as languages. Minors are rarely mentioned unless they directly pertain to an article. Minors offered at BYU Marriott include:

aerospace studies



global business and literacy

military science

nonprofit management


See also degrees at BYU Marriottmajorsprograms at BYU Marriott.

more than

Use more than when referring to amounts and over when referring to spatial relationships.

The company earned more than $2 billion last year.
We traveled over the river and through the woods.


National Advisory Council

A group of BYU Marriott alumni who donate their time, expertise, influence, and resources to bring students and faculty greater opportunities and to increase BYU Marriott’s overall rankings and competitive advantage. In first references, use the full name. In secondary references or when the context is clear, NAC is acceptable if the acronym has previously been included in parentheses next to the full name.

New Student Orientation

Capitalize when referring to the university-wide event; lowercase when referring to a BYU Marriott event. The abbreviation NSO is acceptable in secondary references.


For rankings use No. and the numeral. In an infographic or display type, substituting # for No. is acceptable.

The BYU Marriott MBA program was ranked No. 4 overall and No. 2 for placement in the west.


Words preceded by non typically don’t use hyphens unless the following word is a proper noun. Refer to Merriam-Webster Dictionary.



Follow Chicago’s alternative number rule as outlined in Chicago 9.3 and the BYU style guide.

Cardinal Numbers Spell out the following: 

—Whole numbers from zero through nine.

Four events make up the Miller Competition Series: the Big Idea Pitch, the App Competition, the Business Model Competition, and the New Venture Challenge.
The three new parking lots will provide space for 540 more cars.
This will still be standing 200 years from now. 

—Any number that begins a sentence (Chicago 9.5). Often a sentence may need to be recast to avoid awkwardness.

Two hundred and forty-three students attended the training seminar.
One hundred ten men and 103 women will receive advanced degrees this quarter.

When many numbers occur within a sentence or paragraph, or if numerals must be used for one of the numbers in a category, use them for all the numbers in that category. In the same sentence or paragraph, however, items in one category may be given in numerals and items in another category may be spelled out. (Chicago 9.7)

The ages of the eight students featured in the article are 6, 9 (two students), 10, 13, 15, 17, and 18.
The World Trade Center complex contained a mixture of buildings—two of 103 stories, five of more than 50 stories, and nine of 3 or 4 stories.

Round multiples of hundreds, thousands, and hundred thousands are typically expressed as numerals when the alternative rule is in force (Chicago 9.4). Use numerals with million and billion when referring to specific quantities (Chicago 9.8).

In Utah, 25,000 people prefer chocolate to strawberry ice cream.
Total membership should rise to 9.2 million by the end of this and should reach at least 18 million by 2030. 

Military Units Spell out numerals of nine or less designating military subdivisions. When numerals are used, do not use a superscript for stth, etc.

101st Airborne Division 
323rd Fighter Wing 
Third Battalion, 134th Artillery 
Twelfth Armored Division

Money Spell out whole numbers one through nine. If the number is spelled out, so is the unit of currency, and if numerals are used, $ or ¢ is used (Chicago 9.20, 9.24).

Each cookie cost three dollars.
The committee raised a total of $325.
Hundreds of fans paid five dollars each to attend the annual event.

Ordinal Numbers The rules for cardinal numbers apply to ordinal numbers (Chicago 9.6). 

The students placed second, third, and fourth in a Java programming contest during the conference.
She was the first caller and won the prize.
BYU Marriott was ranked 25th.
You are the 255th student to ask me that question.

Percentages Spell out the word percent in text. It is acceptable to use the symbol % if numerous percentages are being listed in tables or graphs (Chicago 9.18).

The activity level increased by 4.5 percent in one year. 
Reactivation increased 17 percent in Chile, 14 percent in Bolivia, 18 percent in Brazil, and 16 percent in Argentina.

Plurals The plurals of spelled-out numbers are formed like the plurals of other nouns, by adding s but no apostrophe (Chicago 9.53).

She came to the party dressed to the nines.
Among the scores were two 240s and three 238s.
The 1980s and 1990s saw great technological developments.



Emphasis in the now-discontinued management major; now known as the human resources management major. Preferred acronym for organizational behavior and human resources. Do not use a slash (/) between OB and HR. It is usually not necessary to spell out the acronym.


Do not capitalize unless part of an official title (Chicago 8.58; AP Stylebook, “office”). 

MBA office
BYU Marriott Undergraduate Advisement office
marketing, communications, and technology office
the Office of Management and Budget

See also administrative offices at BYU Marriott, Deans Office.

okay, OK

Use either form.


A School of Accountancy alumni networking program. Capitalize the initial O and always precede with an accent.

on-campus internship

Hyphenate on-campus and do not capitalize. The acronym OCI may be used in secondary references.


Do not capitalize. Use as one word with no hyphen. 

Candidates can apply online for admission to the MBA program.


See more than


Peery Film Festival

A film series hosted by the Ballard Center that helps introduce and educate individuals about social issues.

Peery Institute of Financial Services

In first references Peery Institute of Financial Services is preferred but the full name, H. Taylor Peery Institute of Financial Services, may also be used. Whichever name is used, maintain consistency within the same publication. In secondary references, use the Peery Institute or simply the institute.

The Peery Institute of Financial Services was founded and named in 2001.

phone numbers

Divide numerals with two hyphens rather than using parentheses or periods.


photo credits

It is appropriate to include credits with photos. See guidelines under captions if including the credit in a caption.

possessives ending with the letter s 

Add an apostrophe and an s when a singular word or name already ends with s (Chicago 7.15).

Listen to the bass’s chords.
James Jones’s company is cutting-edge. 
James’s family is nice. 

To make a plural word or name possessive, add only an apostrophe (with the exception of a few irregular plurals, like children, that do not end in s). 

Everyone adored the puppies’ faces.
The Smiths’ house is decorated lavishly.
I love children’s literature.


Do hyphenate.

programs at BYU Marriott

The following list outlines current graduate and undergraduate BYU Marriott programs. Students intending to apply to BYU Marriott are said to be pre-business students. When mentioning alumni who graduated in past programs not listed below, refer to the major or program listed in the BYU alumni database.

Do not capitalize.When used with the name of the school, primarily use BYU Marriott or BYU Marriott’s. Use BYU Marriott School of Business on first references only when using the shortened BYU Marriott reference could lead to confusion. Never exclude Marriott or use only BYU. Do not capitalize within paragraph text. Some abbreviations are acceptable on second reference (see below). 

MAcc Short for master of accountancy. The abbreviation MAcc is preferred. Always prefix MAcc with a, not an. The program offers emphases in tax and professional accountancy. Students admitted to the MAcc program will receive both a BS in accountancy and a MAcc upon graduation. 

MBA Short for master of business administration. The abbreviation MBA is preferred. Always prefix MBA with an

executive MBA Use executive MBA in first references. Use EMBA in secondary references.

MISM Short for master of information systems management. The abbreviation MISM is preferred. Always prefix MISM with an

MPA Short for master of public administration. The abbreviation MPA is preferred. Always prefix MPA with an.

executive MPA Use executive MPA in first references. Use EMPA in secondary references.

accountancy While the name of the degree uses the term accountancy, a student is said to be majoring in accounting. See also accountancy, accounting.

entrepreneurial management May also use entrepreneurship when referring to the program.

experience design and management Do not omit management. May also use experience design or abbreviate ExDM.


global supply chain management May also use global supply chain or abbreviate GSCM when referring to the program.

human resource management May also use human resources or abbreviate HRM or when referring to the program.

information systems If an abbreviated term is needed, use IS. Do not use ISYS. 


strategic management May also use strategy when referring to the program.

The human resource management program had more applicants than ever before.
I majored in experience design and management before I came here.
Accounting classes are difficult.
How can I apply to the BYU Marriott global supply chain major?
I love my GSCM professors.

Chelsea, a pre-business student at BYU Marriott, will soon be applying to the finance program.

I majored in Marketing.
I’m almost done with my BYU finance degree.
We have many students in the accountancy major.
Are there a lot of prerequisites to the Marriott School information systems major?

See also degrees at BYU Marriott.



We follow the recommendation from the Chicago Manual of Style as well as the BYU style guideand capitalize names of ethnic and national groups. Adjectives associated with these names are also capitalized.

In a June 22, 2020, online update to the 17th edition, Chicago advised:

“Black is increasingly capitalized when referring to racial or ethnic identity. As a matter of editorial consistency, similar terms such as White may also be capitalized when used in this sense. Usage varies according to context, however, and individual preferences should be respected” (Chicago 8.38 online update).

Arabs; Arabian
Asians; Asian influence in the West; an Asian American
Blacks; Black culture; Black colleges
Hispanics; a Hispanic
Jews; a Jew; Jewish ethnicity
Latinos; a Latino; a Latina; Latino immigration
Native Americans; Native American poetry

When writing about race, the following guidance from the AP Stylebook, 55th edition, may also be helpful:

“Consider carefully when deciding whether to identify people by race. Often, it is an irrelevant factor and drawing unnecessary attention to someone’s race or ethnicity can be interpreted as bigotry. There are, however, occasions when race is pertinent:

“In stories that involve significant, groundbreaking or historic events, such as being elected U.S. president, being named to the U.S. Supreme Court or other notable occurrences. Barack Obama was the first Black U.S. president. Sonia Sotomayor is the first Hispanic justice of the U.S. Supreme Court. Jeremy Lin is the first American-born NBA player of Chinese or Taiwanese descent. . . .

“When reporting a demonstration, disturbance or other conflict involving race (including verbal conflicts), or issues like civil rights.

“In other situations when race is an issue, use news judgment. Include racial or ethnic details only when they are clearly relevant and that relevance is explicit in the story.”

references to people

Use the full name in first references. In following references, use the last name only, or use personal pronouns. The first name may be used when a story refers to family members with the same last name. Middle initials are only included in Marriott Alumni Magazine and other BYU Marriott publicationsat the request of the person being featured.

For names of faculty members and staff, check the BYU Marriott online directory for correct spellings. In lists of professorships and fellowships, use a faculty member’s full name, including initials. For other awards, follow the naming format used with the award announcement unless a faculty member requests otherwise.

See also titles.


Accent marks above both e’s are preferred.

Rollins Center Entrepreneur Founders

Use full name on first reference. Capitalize Founders when used in the full name; lowercase when standing alone. Use full name on first reference. Where necessary, explain that these are not founders of the center but are entrepreneurs who donate resources and time to the Rollins Center.

See also Founders Launchpad.

Romney Institute of Public Service and Ethics

See departments.


Savage Scholars

Graduate students hand-picked to participate in the global supply chain management Savage Global Consulting experiential learning program.

School of Accountancy

See departments.


Always lowercase fall, winter, spring, and summer in running text, including when referring to terms, semesters, or magazine issues.

fall 2014 issue
winter 2015 semester


An effort within the MBA and MPA programs in which second-year students mentor first-year students in their internship search. Second-year students are known as sherpas; first-year students are known as climbers. Lowercase both sherpa and climber in running text.

The sherpas play a vital role, encouraging climbers in their networking process and internship search.

Social Venture Academy

A program sponsored by the Ballard Center that provides student social entrepreneurs with coaching and resources to help them make their socially minded businesses a reality.

summer experience program

Lowercase. In secondary references, it is also acceptable to use the acronym SEP.


Use as one word with no hyphen (AP Stylebook, “startup”).

student associations at BYU Marriott

Following is a list of official names and proper capitalization of student associations at BYU Marriott. As a general rule, the term club should not be used when referring to student groups; an exception to this rule is Entrepreneurship Club (eClub).

Note: Some groups are part of a larger student association, which is noted in parentheses next to the association name. This is for informational purposes only and should not be used as part of the official name.

Accounting Pre-PhD Club
Accounting Society
Adam Smith Society
ALPFA – Building Latino Business Leaders
Army ROTC Society
Arnold Air Society
Association for Information Systems (AIS)
Ballard Center for Social Impact Association
Blue Forge Association
Beta Alpha Psi**
Business Strategy Society
BYU Finance Society
BYU Marriott Student Council
BYU MBA Tech Society (MBATS)
Chinese Business Student Association
Corporate Finance Society*
Deal Advisory Society*
Entrepreneurship Club (eClub)
Experience Design Society (ExDS)
Global Management Student Association (GMSA)
Global Supply Chain Association
Graduate Entrepreneur Association
Graduate Finance Association
Graduate Real Estate Association
Graduate Supply Chain and Operations Association
Healthcare Industry Association (graduate chapter)
Healthcare Industry Association (undergraduate chapter)
Human Resources Student Association (HRSA)
International City/County Manager Association (ICMA) BYU Student Chapter
Impact Investing Association
Institute of Management Accountants – BYU Chapter**
International Graduate Student Association (IGSA)
Introverts in Business
Investing Society*
Investment Banking Association*
Investment Management Association*
Korean Business Student Association
Management Consulting Association
Marketing Association
Marriott Inclusion in Business Student Society (MIBS)
Masters of Public Administration Association (MPAA)
Mathematical Finance Society*
MBA Analytics Association
MBA Singles Association
MBA Student Association
MBA Marketing Association
MBA Spouses Association
MBA Strategy and Consulting Society
MBA Tech Society
Minority Leadership Association
Pre-Business Student Association
Pre-Doctoral Student Association
Pre-MBA Association
Private Banking Club*
Private Equity and Venture Capital Club*
Product Management Association
Real Estate Association*
Social Impact Association
Society for Human Resource Management
Tech Society
Women in AIS+
Women in Business (undergraduate)
Women in Entrepreneurship
Women in Finance*
Women in Management (Graduate)
Women in Supply Chain++
Women of the School of Accountancy**

 *subset of BYU Finance Society
**subset of Accounting Society
 +subset of Association for Information Systems
++subset of Global Supply Chain Association


Tanner Building

In first references Tanner Building is appropriate but the full name, N. Eldon Tanner Building, may also be used. In general references, lowercase buildingTNRB may be used when attached with a specific room number. Avoid the abbreviation Tanner Bldg. Lowercase addition in Tanner Building addition.

Please submit your application to 390 TNRB by 5 p.m.
The reception will be held in the Tanner Building this evening.


A TED-like experience organized by the Ballard Center in which TEDTalks, videos, and live speakers combine to spark discussion and connection in a small group.

The Princeton Review

Do not italicize unless part of a publication title; always capitalize The. The Princeton Review is an education services company known for its test-prep courses, education programs, and graduate school guidebooks. The Princeton Review is not affiliated with Princeton University and is not a magazine.

The BYU Marriott School of Business is one of the top undergraduate programs for students looking to start their own business, according to rankings published by Entrepreneur magazine and The Princeton Review.


Times of day should be referred to with numerals. In pieces that use o’clock in the text, numbers are always spelled out. Never use 12 a.m. or 12 p.m. since they can be misinterpreted; use midnight or noon instead (Chicago 9.37, 9.38).

The directors expected the meeting to continue until 3:30 p.m.
The library closes at midnight on weekdays.

When date and time are used together, list the date first, followed by the time.

The NAC Fall Conference will begin on Thursday, September 25, at 8:30 a.m.

See also a.m., p.m.; time zones.

time zones

When spelled out, time zones are lowercased (except for proper nouns.) Abbreviations are capitalized (Chicago 8.90) and are usually given in parentheses (Chicago 10.41).

eastern standard time; EST
mountain daylight time; MDT
Greenwich mean time; GMT
7:30 a.m. (EST)
6 p.m. to 7 p.m. (PDT)
The fireside will begin at 6:00 p.m. (MST) and will last one hour.

Note: In the United States, daylight saving time begins each year on the second Sunday in March and clocks are set ahead one hour. Daylight saving time ends on the first Sunday in November, and clocks are set back one hour. Check the calendar to make sure designations of daylight saving time and standard time are correct.

See also time; a.m., p.m.


Capitalization Civic, military, religious, and professional titles and titles of nobility are capitalized when they immediately precede a personal name and are thus used as part of the name (usually replacing the title holder’s first name). Titles are lowercased when following a name, used as an apposition, or used in place of a name (Chicago 8.19).

Last month Dean Perry announced the change.
Last month the dean announced the change.
Last month the BYU Marriott dean announced the change.
Last month BYU Marriott dean Lee Perry announced the change.
Last month Lee Perry, dean of BYU Marriott, announced the change.

Terms denoting student status are lowercased (Chicago 8.29).

freshman Bob Smith
Bob Smith, first-year MBA student

Titles are capitalized if they refer to more than one name.

Mayors Cermak and Walker 
Professors Meek and Dyer

Among professional titles, named academic professorships and fellowships are usually capitalized wherever they appear, especially if they are accompanied by a personal name (Chicago 8.28, 8.31).

Mary M. Warren, Alfred R. Wellman Distinguished Service Professor
Arthur M. Trouville, Wellington Kingsley Professor Emeritus


Margaret J. O’Neal, professor emerita

Punctuation Use commas to set off words identifying a title or position following a person’s name.

W. Steve Albrecht, professor in the School of Accountancy, was honored as Accountant of the Year by Beta Alpha Psi, a national professional accounting and business information fraternity.

See also references to people.


United States

Spell out United States in first reference when used as a noun. When used as an adjective, abbreviate US, without periods or spaces between the initials.

In secondary references, though United States is preferred as a noun and US as an adjective, it is also permissible to use US as a noun, provided the meaning is clear from context (Chicago 10.32).


Do not capitalize unless part of BYU’s official title, Brigham Young University. 

Lieutenant Colonel Seth Miller is chair of the Department of Military Science and director of the Brigham Young University Army Reserve Officer Training Corps program. He joined the university in June 2020.


In most cases, do not include http:// or www before a website. These designations are no longer necessary. When used with other contact information—such as phone or email—web is preferred. 

Marketing, Communications, and Technology
Phone: 801- 422-7696
Web: marriott.byu.edu

Line breaks If a URL has to be broken at the end of a line, the break should be made after a colon or a double slash (//); before a single slash (/), a tilde (~), a period, a comma, a hyphen, an underline (_), a question mark, a number sign, or a percent symbol; before or after an equals sign or an ampersand. Such breaks help to signal that the URL has been carried over to the next line. A hyphen should never be added to denote a line break, nor should a hyphen that is part of a URL appear at the end of a line (Chicago 14.18).



Punctuation If a URL ends a sentence, include a period after the URL. Do not set off a URL with angle brackets or quotes. 

Visit us on the web at marriott.byu.edu. 

See also .com.

U.S. News & World Report 


vice president

Spell out and lowercase in first references. VP may be used in secondary references.

Thomas Jones, vice president, was trained by the company’s president.



Do not hyphenate.

Washington, DC

Enclose DC in commas; do not use periods or spaces between the initials.

Steven Johnson was invited to Washington, DC, to speak at an entrepreneurship conference.



I like to surf the web in my spare time.



The BYU Marriott School of Business launched its new website in July 2015.