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  • BYU Marriott Employees Recognized at 2024 Awards Ceremony Wednesday May 15 2024

    At the annual awards ceremony, the Brigham Young University Marriott School of Business recently recognized a selection of faculty, staff, and administrators for their exemplary leadership in teaching, research, faith, and service.

  • Peak Perspectives Thursday May 09 2024

    Each fall Peter Ward, associate professor of experience design and management (ExDM), leads his students as they climb Rock Canyon’s rugged walls. So whether in rock-climbing classes amidst breathtaking scenery or ExDM research classes within the walls of the BYU Marriott School of Business, Ward teaches students how to interlace academic and spiritual studies.

  • Looking Behind the Bill: The 2024 Cornia Award Winner Wednesday May 01 2024

    The Romney Institute of Public Service and Ethics at the BYU Marriott School of Business honored Amanda Rutherford, a professor in the School of Public and Environmental Affairs at Indiana University and a scholar in the field of public administration, with the 2024 Gary C. Cornia Award.

  • Saying Yes Friday Apr 26 2024

    Claire Keller Busco is no stranger to success, both in the classroom and in the workforce. As a strategy student at the BYU Marriott School of Business—a place where she has found opportunities around every corner—Keller attributes it all to a habit she can’t seem to kick: saying yes.

  • Switching Fields Thursday Apr 25 2024

    To senior Seth Knowlton, the president of the Marketing Association at the BYU Marriott School of Business, succeeding in a leadership role isn’t about being a natural leader—it’s about being passionate, involved, and invested in helping others do their best.

  • Over the Bar Wednesday Apr 24 2024

    A BYU Marriott School of Business senior graduating from the global supply chain management program, Emma Lindberg has always set a high bar for herself—setting big goals and working hard to accomplish them. Although life hasn’t always gone as planned, she continues to overcome her challenges and find new ways to grow.

  • Nine BYU Marriott Undergraduates Presented with 2024 Bateman Award Tuesday Apr 23 2024

    The BYU Marriott School of Business recently awarded nine undergraduate students with the 2024 Bateman Award for their commitment to academic excellence and selfless service, and for demonstrating the college’s vision, mission, and values. Award recipients were presented with a certificate and a monetary prize.

  • Finding Confidence out of the Comfort Zone Friday Apr 19 2024

    An assistant teaching professor of information systems (IS), Katy Reese encourages her students at the BYU Marriott School of Business to step outside of their comfort zones. Drawing from her own educational experience, she guides students in developing the confidence needed to confront and conquer complex IS concepts, mirroring the support she received from her own mentors.

  • Inspired by Legacy Thursday Apr 18 2024

    Easton Allsop’s preparation to become a pilot officially began when he enrolled in BYU’s Air Force ROTC program. But his journey actually started in Bodney, England—the place where his great-grandfather trained to be a pilot and where Allsop first foresaw his own future.

  • Faith-Filled Grit Wednesday Apr 17 2024

    Taylor Nadauld thanks his 25-year-old self for choosing to leave a lucrative position on Wall Street to earn a PhD. Now the department chair and a professor of finance at the BYU Marriott School of Business, Nadauld teaches the valuable lessons that he learned of faith and finances to his undergraduate and MBA students.

  • Coming Full Circle Tuesday Apr 16 2024

    In 1948 Mariyah Housari’s grandparents fled from their home in the Levantine city of Jaffa to Ramallah in the West Bank. Twenty years later, Housari’s father left Palestine for a brighter future in the United States. Fast forward to today, where Housari, an MPA student at the BYU Marriott School of Business, comes full circle as she aims to aid modern-day Palestinian refugees.

  • Overcoming the Odds Monday Apr 15 2024

    As a graduate of the MBA program at BYU Marriott, Christian Da Silva knows that education opens the door of opportunity. With the help of loving friends and family and a Cardon International Sponsorship from the Whitmore Global Business Center, Da Silva discovered ways to continue his education and shape a better future.

  • Service Above Self Thursday Apr 11 2024

    Before he came to Provo as the new chair for the Department of Military Science and head of Brigham Young University’s Army ROTC, LTC Travis Bailey planned to make his assignment in Kansas City his last. With a leap of faith to request a new position, Bailey was transferred to BYU, where he now leads the program with his nearly 20 years of active-duty military experience.

  • Singing a New Tune Wednesday Apr 10 2024

    Macy LeCheminant began college in Arizona with plans to become a professional vocalist, but a challenging medical condition altered those plans. Now at the BYU Marriott School of Business studying experience design and management, LeCheminant allows her optimism to shape her opportunities.

  • Teaching Truth Tuesday Apr 09 2024

    For Mary & Ellis professor Mark Zimbelman, teaching at the BYU Marriott School of Business is about helping students find spiritual and intellectual truth. As he retires from the School of Accountancy, he reflects on how his faith has helped him make a lasting impact through both his research and his interactions with students.

  • On the Move Monday Apr 08 2024

    “We’re moving,” was a phrase Ethan Ritchie, a student in the master of information systems program, heard often in his childhood. As he moved eight times to different states and around the world, Ritche gained an appreciation for people of different backgrounds and beliefs. It is with this openness and desire to learn that Ritchie approaches his life and his studies in the BYU Marriott School of Business.

  • Bridging Local Efforts and Global Impact: The 2023 Buckwalter Award Recipients Thursday Apr 04 2024

    Erica Jensen and Brianna Merling, two MPA students from the BYU Marriott School of Business, each received the 2023 Doyle W. Buckwalter Award, which includes a $1,500 cash prize, for exemplary performance in respective off-campus internships.

  • Faith and Finance Wednesday Apr 03 2024

    For Brandon Egan, faith has guided his life decisions—from choosing which college to attend to where to focus his studies. After graduating from the finance program at the BYU Marriott School of Business in 2007, Egan has continued to seek God’s hand as he navigates changes in his career.

  • From the Ground Up: Building an Alumni Family Tuesday Apr 02 2024

    In January, Vicki Okerlund retired after 24 years in her position as director of alumni relations for the master of public administration (MPA) program at the BYU Marriott School of Business. From building an alumni network to forging one-on-one relationships with those in the MPA community, Okerlund leaves behind a legacy of Christ-centered leadership that extends beyond the workplace.

  • An Inspiring Life Vision Monday Apr 01 2024

    For senior Aaron Adams, a human resource management major at the BYU Marriott School of Business, choosing a career path was less about finding a perfect fit and more about finding a path that will help him grow.