The BYU Marriott School of Business encourages all students to add value to their academic education with an internship related to their major, whether for academic credit or not. As students gain hands-on work experience, they are able to assess their interests, build confidence, and develop professional skills. Many students have found that internships are the best route to full-time employment after graduation.

Course Options

Students who have either been accepted into BYU Marriott or declared pre-business can register for MSB 199R or MSB 496R.

  • MSB 199R is a pass/fail course that can be taken by pre-business and BYU Marriott students and does not have a limit on the number of times it can be taken.
  • MSB 496R is a graded course which can only be taken by students in a BYU Marriott program and can only be completed one time.

Assignment requirements for each course are identical. Internships may be part-time or full-time, with the length varying from five weeks to one year. Business minors are not eligible to take these courses but are required to complete an on-campus internship (OCI).

Credit Options

  • 1 credit – student must work at least 50 hours during the semester
  • 2 credits – student must work at least 100 hours during the semester
  • 3 credits – student must work at least 150 hours during the semester

Assignment requirements for each credit option are identical.


The following criteria are required in order to receive academic credit for an internship: 

  • Internships must be directly related to a student’s major, incorporate coursework learning, and require higher-level reasoning skills.
  • Internships must be completed within the semester a student is registered.
  • Internships cannot be directly a sales internship (including business-to-business sales).
  • Interns must have an employer supervisor to train, mentor, and evaluate them.
  • Interns must not be directly related to their supervisor or the owner of the company.
  • Interns must work at least fifty hours for every credit hour they are taking.

Academic Credit Necessity

Students with the following circumstances should consider enrolling to receive academic credit:

  • International students: International students must be enrolled for internship credit to work on a student visa (unless they are not being compensated in any way).
  • Financial aid/scholarships: Many students need credit hours or another period of enrollment to maintain scholarship eligibility or to qualify for financial aid.
  • Company Requirements: Some companies pay their interns with wages that are qualified as scholarship money. For tax purposes they require all students to enroll for credit.
  • Elective credit: MSB 199R and MSB 496R do not automatically fulfill BYU Marriott major requirements. In some cases, it may be beneficial for a student to complete the course to count towards the 120-credit hour degree requirement. Students should contact their academic advisor if they have further questions.

Aside from the reasons listed above, there is very little benefit in taking the MSB 496R or MSB 199R courses. Many students have the impression that an internship is not legitimate unless they receive academic credit. A line item on a transcript is not needed to validate the internship on a résumé. Most students can avoid the extra work and tuition cost.

Application Process

To receive academic credit, students will need to complete this online student internship application.

Once a student’s online application is submitted, the internship coordinator will reach out to review the application, explain the course requirements, and answer any questions. If their application is approved, students will receive an email giving them access to add the internship course (MSB 199R or 496R) through MyMap. Students will not be able to add the course until they receive this email. This process may take up to seven business days.

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