Outgoing Students

The student exchange program enables BYU students to enroll in an international partner school for a full semester paying BYU tuition and receiving BYU credit. This is an independent international experience. Unlike a traditional study abroad program in which a student travels with a professor-mentored group of students, direct enrollment involves individual students immersing themselves with local and international students on a foreign campus. The courses transfer from the host institution to count for pre-approved courses at BYU. 

Participating in a student exchange program fulfills the international requirement to earn the Global Business Certificate. The certificate builds your résumé as it certifies your international business competency. 

For full details about exchange programs, including how to apply and prepare, financial aid, tips for living abroad, and more, please download the Student Exchange Handbook. If you have further questions, please contact the GBC.

Exchange programs are currently available in the locations listed below.

São Paulo, Brazil
Nanjing, China
Clermont-Ferrand, France
Pforzheim, Germany
Hong Kong
Milan, Italy
Lima, Peru
Lisbon, Portugal
Alcalá, Spain