The GBC supports two student clubs—the Global Business Student Association and the International Graduate Student Association.


The Global Business Student Association provides a forum for students to prepare for global careers by learning about international career options, learning about other peoples and cultures, and getting to know other future global business leaders.

We do this by:

  • Providing opportunities for students to network with each other and with global business leaders
  • Arranging business visits and lectures about international careers
  • Building awareness about important global events and possible international business professions
  • Promoting an understanding of our role in the world
  • Facilitating service opportunities
  • Collaborating with internationally focused student groups across campus
  • Establishing positive relationships with business professionals, faculty, and peers

For more information, please email the club. To join, please click here.


The International Graduate Student Association works to help international BYU Marriott graduate students and their families build meaningful connections and effectively adjust to the BYU environment. IGSA also helps all BYU Marriott graduate students learn more about different countries and cultures by helping them get better acquainted with international BYU Marriott graduate students and their experiences.

We do this by:

  • Organizing family activities
  • Sponsoring orientations on cultural awareness, housing options, living in Provo, and campus resources
  • Helping students better understand different cultures
  • Conducting and facilitating research concerning international graduate students 

For more information, please email the club. To join, please click here.