Staying on track for graduation is a concern for all students. We want to make as many courses and programs available to you as possible. You may take any course for which you are eligible in any discipline available at BYU. You can find the classes by visiting the BYU class schedule website and selecting the term you will be visiting BYU. You can browse by discipline for classes in which you may be interested in taking.

However, we encourage you to participate in one of the programs which have been developed specifically for BYU Marriott business students. Below you’ll find detailed information about courses, specialized programs, BYU grade and credit structure, as well as recommendations regarding the number of credits required.  

Academic Calendar

BYU operates on a semester schedule. There are fall (August-December) and winter (January-April) semesters. For a detailed academic calendar, please click here.

Course Availability

For a complete list of courses offer by BYU Marriott, click here.

BYU Grading Scale

Instruction at BYU combines multiple forms of teaching methods including lecture, class discussion, group work, and practical application. You can expect to meet in the classroom two or three times a week for one to one-and-a-half hours depending on the professor. The majority of classes are 3 credit hours; however, lecture series and some seminar classes are less than 3 credit hours.

Assessment is up to individual professors. You will usually be graded on class participation, written assignments, quizzes, tests, and the final exam. Below is a breakdown of a typical BYU grading scale:

Letter GradePercent
A to A-90-100
B+ to B-80-89.9
C+ to C-70-79.9
D+ to D-60-69.9
FFail (Below 60)

Recommended Course Load

Students can take between twelve to fifteen credits, but we strongly recommend that each student take only twelve. This will give the student the required time to excel in their classes and allow time to become accustomed to continuous English language. Speaking and writing only in English can become overwhelming if enough time is not allotted for homework and other school requirements. Taking twelve credits gives students the opportunity to take the language and culture change in stride while still maintaining a challenging work load.