Study Abroad Programs

In partnership with the BYU Kennedy Center for International Studies, the GBC helps students participate in international business study abroad opportunities.

Introduction to why getting out in the world matters.

This video was created by a former student detailing her transformational experiences.

These short-term study abroad programs last from ten days to nine weeks and may include business visits in as many as five countries. The business study abroad program offers students the opportunity to study international business in an international setting, but it also allows students to get a feel for several cultures. Students visit businesses ranging from large, multinational corporations to small entrepreneurial ventures. Students gain an understanding of cross-national business strategy through discussions with international business professionals and government officials including topics such as branding, supply chain, human resources, finance, trade policy, and strategy. In addition to visiting businesses, students experience important cultural and historic sites. 

Business study abroad programs are open to all majors on campus. However, preference is given to BYU Marriott majors and minors. In most cases students also have the opportunity to earn academic credit.

The GBC offers qualifying BYU Marriott students scholarships to participate in business study abroad programs. Participating in a business study abroad fulfills the international experience requirement for the Global Business Certificate.

Business study abroad programs are a good opportunity to earn academic credit in your specific discipline while absorbing the rich culture of another country.

Explore our programs:


Spend 9 weeks in Europe during Spring/Summer 2022 earning Marriott School credits from Marriott School professors.

You will spend 3 weeks in each of three spectacular world capitals: London, Paris,
and Rome.

You will rotate through 3 classes that fulfill minor or major requirements for the Marriott School of Business: Accounting 200, Marketing 201, and Global Supply Chain 305/310.

You will visit companies that do business in Europe and worldwide, expanding your learning with global perspective, both for your career and personally.

And of course, you will see major cultural sites in Europe to check off your bucket list.