Global Field Studies

Global field study projects are student-led, faculty-advised consulting projects designed to give students real-world experience and produce professional, actionable recommendations. Capable MBA students are carefully selected by specialization, interest, language ability, and expertise to work on each global consulting project. These students are coached through the various aspects of a project by a faculty member or, in some cases, by an external industry professional.

During the course of a semester, students help define a particular issue, challenge, or opportunity: conduct in-depth research and analysis; and produce a series of recommended actions. In many cases students have the opportunity to travel to conduct field research.

Student teams are expected to produce a presentation and a bound document with both an executive summary and technical report. Student have completed successful projects for such companies as Microsoft, Dow Chemical, Federal Express Freight, Intel, Kennecott Development Corporation, BMW Finance, Chrysler Finance, Beneficial Life Insurance, and many others. 

If you are interested in participating in a global field study, please visit the field studies website or contact the director of experiential learning.