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  • Gone to Ghana Monday Mar 11 2024

    Though she had never left the country in her life, Orem native Alyssa Minor took a leap of faith to travel alone to Africa. As a participant in the Ballard Center for Social Impact, Minor researched the humanitarian needs of the orphanages in Ghana, which propelled her to visit the country to help in her own way.

  • Patient to Healer: MPA Alumnus of the Year Friday Mar 08 2024

    Dale Hull has spent most of his professional career helping others seeking medical attention. During his most recent endeavor, he took the opportunity to help individuals with paralysis by co-founding a rehabilitation center. This year, Hull was named the 2023 Alumnus of the Year by the Romney Institute of Public Service and Ethics.

  • Beyond Camo and Campus Thursday Mar 07 2024

    Army ROTC cadets interested in graduating college as a commissioned officer are required to complete summer training. So this past summer on a hot and humid day at Fort Knox, Kentucky, Brigham Young University student Aidan Fryar helped a teammate in need. For this display of leadership, among others, event organizers awarded Fryar the Patton Award, which distinguishes a single cadet out of roughly 600 who demonstrated confidence, boldness, dash, and daring during a time of crisis.

  • Experience Design Study: Attending Campus Devotionals Increases Student Sense of Connection Monday Mar 04 2024

    A growing body of research shows that a student’s sense of belonging can have a significant positive impact on academic performance, retention and mental health. With that in mind, professors at BYU and Texas A&M recently asked BYU students how they anticipated their experiences on campus would impact their feelings of connectedness to BYU.

  • Unifying for a Higher Purpose Thursday Feb 29 2024

    Eva Witesman believes in creating a better world, and she works toward it through her position as a professor in the BYU Marriott School of Business’s MPA program. Teaching courses on statistics, social impact, and prosocial business strategy, Witesman emphasizes to students the importance of unity with one another and the organizations they will work for.

  • Conquering the Crux Tuesday Feb 27 2024

    In his first semester at Brigham Young University, Aaron Scribner sustained severe facial injuries in a grisly zip-lining accident. He then overcame a steep recovery and found a renewed drive to positively impact others.

  • Creating Christlike Leaders Thursday Feb 22 2024

    According to the Stanford Institute for Economic Policy Research, 96 percent of MBA graduates will enter management roles within 15 years of receiving their degrees. So for most MBA students, learning to be effective and responsible leaders is essential. But at the BYU Marriott School of Business, associate professor of organizational behavior and human resources Taeya Howell prepares MBA students to be Christlike leaders when they enter the workforce.

  • Preparing to Perform Tuesday Feb 20 2024

    In order to help global supply chain management (GSCM) students prepare for the disasters they will respond to in the workforce, associate professor Barry Brewer invited Kathy Fulton, executive director of American Logistics Aid Network (ALAN), to run a disaster simulation at the BYU Marriott School of Business.

  • Through the Wilderness Friday Feb 16 2024

    When Jacobo Ignacio Grimaldo Alvarez was five years old, his family moved from Monterrey, Mexico, to Mesa, Arizona. Though navigating the world as an immigrant can be a struggle, Grimaldo continues to press forward through life’s wilderness. Now a global supply chain management senior and a copresident in BYU Marriott School of Business’s Student Leadership Advisory Council, Grimaldo helps others find belonging and community by leaning on the lessons he learned growing up.

  • The Practicality of Passion Tuesday Feb 13 2024

    As an art student, Laurel Galli-Graves could not have imagined that in a couple years she would end up working for the Department of Defense. In fact, before she began the Master of Public Administration program at the BYU Marriott School of Business, she had never written a piece of code and didn’t know what a data scientist’s job was. Now, as a US Digital Corps Data Science Fellow, she combines her artistic creativity, passion for public service, and love of analytics and machine learning to help further the public good.

  • Investing in Relationships Monday Feb 12 2024

    Twenty years ago as a student, Ian Wright made connections with people that changed the course of his life. For Wright, now the finance program director and an assistant professor, these mentors helped him find career and life success and modeled the encouragement he now gives to his own students to be “awesome in everything they do.”

  • From Classroom to Boardroom Tuesday Jan 23 2024

    As an educator, learning was always a priority for Brenna Porter. After being an elementary school teacher for two-and-a-half-years, Porter decided she needed to further her education by earning an MBA at the BYU Marriott School of Business. Porter’s background in teaching helped her forge her own path in the MBA program and bring her true identity to the workplace.

  • 2023 ROTC Presidential Review Friday Jan 19 2024

    In conjunction with Brigham Young University’s yearly presidential review of the Army and Air Force ROTC cadets, Brig. Gen. Derek O’Malley received the 2023 Patriot Award for his dedication to the values of duty, honor, country, God, and family.

  • Intention Turned to Action Tuesday Jan 16 2024

    When Aaron Miller talks to students about success in business, he says that future business leaders should focus less on climbing the corporate ladder and more on creating a positive impact in the world. As a teaching professor for the Romney Institute of Public Service and Ethics, Miller equips students with the skills they need to put their ideas into action in an ever-changing business world.

  • Ethics, Family, and Faith Thursday Dec 21 2023

    In October the Romney Institute of Public Service and Ethics invited Senator Mitt Romney and Ann Romney to BYU Marriott to share advice with MPA students preparing for careers in the public sector. The Romneys drew on their years working in government and nonprofits as they answered questions ranging from personal ethics to marriage in the public eye.

  • In the Market for Community Wednesday Dec 20 2023

    As a senior in marketing at the BYU Marriott School of Business, Kirsten Keith has embraced the program’s emphasis on community. This has helped her succeed in her studies and build a network of connections—with industry professionals as well as her peers and mentors in and out of the program.

  • BYU professors can detect identity fraud by tracking computer keystrokes New technology is invisible to a user and identifies fraud accurately 95% of the time in trials Tuesday Dec 19 2023

    Information systems professors at BYU have created a technology using JavaScript that can detect online identity fraud simply by measuring interaction behaviors like keystroke speed.

  • John Waldron Named BYU Marriott's 2023 International Executive of the Year Friday Dec 15 2023

    The BYU Marriott School of Business and Brigham Young University honored John E. Waldron with the 2023 International Executive of the Year Award. Waldron is the president and chief operating officer of Goldman Sachs, a member of the Goldman Sachs Management Committee, co-chair of the Firmwide Enterprise Risk Committee, and chair of the Firmwide Reputational Risk Committee.

  • From Singapore to Stuttgart Thursday Dec 14 2023

    In an increasingly connected world, learning how to interact with different groups of people can open doors of opportunity and learning. That’s why Bryson Schellenberg, student at BYU Marriott, spent a year studying and working in Germany where he connected with people from all over the world.

  • Leaving Space for Grace Friday Dec 08 2023

    Flexibility is the key to success for Lulu Gilbert, a new Student Leadership Advisory Council (SLAC) copresident at the BYU Marriott School of Business. Her busy schedule requires an alternative take on a balanced schedule that helps her prioritize the most important parts of her life.