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  • Helping Youth Dance with Fear Friday May 28 2021

    When experience design and management (ExDM) alumna Katie Allred started studying at the BYU Marriott School of Business, she knew she wanted to own and create her own business someday. With strength and determination, she has accomplished what she set out to do. Allred believes BYU Marriott prepared her for her current role as director of her nonprofit company, Pivot Adventure, a unique eight-week resiliency training course that helps students develop skills to navigate life's challenges.

  • Creating a Culture of Inclusion and Belonging Tuesday May 25 2021

    A unique course offered at BYU Marriott is helping to teach students about the importance of diversity and inclusion.

  • The Fisherman of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion Tuesday May 11 2021

    Becoming a fly fisherman takes time and practice. Professional fly fisherman Ramon Zabriskie might also propose that applying diversity, equity, and inclusion takes just as much practice. His life experiences as a fly fisherman, recreation therapist, and professor at the BYU Marriott School of Business have given Zabriskie a unique opportunity to develop patience, empathy, awareness, and to promote diversity, equity, and inclusion. 

  • 2021 Bateman Awards Recognize Students Who Excel in and Outside the Classroom Tuesday Apr 27 2021

    Every year, each department in the BYU Marriott School of Business selects one outstanding student to receive the Bateman Award, which recognizes excellence both inside and outside the classroom. The award is named after Merrill J. Bateman, who served as the dean of BYU Marriott from 1975–79 and the president of BYU from 1996–2003. 

  • Happiness and the Good Life Monday Jan 04 2021

    Whether he is coursing down river rapids in a raft, hiking through the majestic red rocks of Southern Utah, or zipping through the mountains on his mountain bike, Mark Widmer loves being outdoors. Now, as a professor of experience design and management at the BYU Marriott School of Business, he finds ways to combine his love of wilderness exploration with the principles of experience design.

  • A Guide for Life’s Adventures Monday Nov 23 2020

    As a fourteen-year-old experiencing Disneyland for the first time, Macie Briggs Duncan knew her life was forever changed—something inside her had awakened. As she walked around, inhaling the scents of churros and popcorn, she knew she wanted to create experiences like this in her future career. Briggs Duncan, now an alumna of the Experience Design and Management (ExDM) Department at BYU Marriott School of Business, believes this experience was the start of her journey to the ExDM program.

  • Trading Mountains for Beaches Wednesday Nov 18 2020

    Most people would not move by themselves to an island they had never visited in the middle of a global pandemic. Stephanie Janczak, a senior studying therapeutic recreation and management at the BYU Marriott School of Business, is not one of those people. Janczak’s internship and graduation plans were altered by the COVID-19 pandemic, so she grabbed the opportunity to explore a new place while completing her final internship.

  • Connections from Six Feet Apart Monday Nov 02 2020

    The Department of Experience Design and Management at BYU Marriott had to get creative this Fall semester when the program welcomed its new cohort during its annual new student orientation.

  • No Stranger to Risk Tuesday Sep 22 2020

    Ariadna Mateu is no stranger to risk. In 2008, at the onset of the Great Recession, which affected economies across the world, she left her stable, well-paying job to travel internationally for a year. Now, in the middle of a worldwide pandemic, she’s adjusting to her new position as the chief student experience officer in the Experience Design and Management (ExDM) program at the BYU Marriott School of Business, where she helps enhance, enrich and improve students’ outcomes during their time on campus.

  • Creating Good Lives at BYU Marriott Monday Jul 20 2020

    For many students, college can be a transformative and enlightening time. When Rachel Merrill, a 2020 BYU Marriott experience design and management (ExDM) graduate, took ExDM 300, Creating a Good Life Through Experience Design as a freshman, she wasn’t expecting a class that would change her outlook on life. However, after learning about principles such as the psychology of happiness and the power of intentional choices, Merrill is one of the many students who are enjoying the positive benefits from the popular experience design and management class even after the class has ended.

  • Eleven BYU Marriott Students Receive Bateman Award Friday May 15 2020

    The BYU Marriott School of Business named eleven recent graduates as 2020 Merrill J. Bateman Outstanding Student Award winners.

  • BYU Marriott Names New Associate Dean Bonnie Anderson Assumes Role 18 May Thursday May 14 2020

    BYU Marriott School of Business dean Brigitte C. Madrian has announced the appointment of Bonnie Anderson as the school’s newest associate dean. Anderson takes over for previous associate dean Keith Vorkink on 18 May.

  • Sprinting to the Future Monday Mar 23 2020

    When Katie Morgan took a social innovation class at BYU last semester, she didn't anticipate joining a research group based on empowering women. However, while completing a class assignment, Morgan became aware of the inequalities many women face around the world and felt a desire to see how she could help at home in the United States. Her desire led her to join a newly formed BYU Marriott research group, the Women's Empowerment Research team.

  • Families That Play Together, Stay Together Monday Feb 03 2020

    For BYU Marriott experience design and management assistant professor Sarah Agate, the common phrase “a family that plays together, stays together” couldn’t be more true.

  • The LEGO Classroom: Where Everything is Awesome Friday Dec 06 2019

    By the time college starts, most students have gotten rid of their childhood toys. But for BYU Marriott’s Experience Design and Management (EXDM) program, professors encourage students to play with toys—in fact, it’s a requirement for one class. 

  • BYU Marriott Welcomes New Faculty in 2019 Friday Nov 01 2019

    The Brigham Young University Marriott School of Business welcomes seven new professors to the Tanner Building this fall.

  • Designing Experiences Thursday Oct 24 2019

    While working as a white-water rafting guide in central Idaho during high school, Mat Duerden got his first taste of how experience design can impact lives. As he led the trips, Duerden would see his groups’ demeanor slowly change but wasn’t sure why. Now an associate professor in BYU Marriott’s experience design and management (ExDM) program, Duerden has found the answer.

  • A Little Taste of Heaven Tuesday Sep 17 2019

    BYU Marriott ExDM professor Brian Hill, along with three other BYU professors, recently led a group of fourteen students on a six-week expedition exploring Utah’s natural wonders.

  • The Extra Hundredth Mile Wednesday Aug 28 2019

    Kickboxing, kayaking, and rock climbing are challenging activities, and for those with physical or mental disabilities, they can seem nearly impossible. However, the group of over six hundred people who recently gathered at Lake Tahoe would tell you otherwise.

  • The Asia Experience Wednesday Jun 19 2019

    During the 2019 spring term, BYU Marriott experience design and management student Lindsey Sampson river rafted in Thailand, visited the great mountains of Nepal, and climbed the Great Wall of China—all for school credit. For Sampson, the ExDM program’s first-ever study abroad was the trip of a lifetime.