What is Accounting?

Accounting has been described as the “language of business.”

Besides preparing financial statements and recording business transactions, accountants engage in a wide variety of activities including computing costs and efficiency gains from new technologies, participating in strategies for mergers and acquisitions, managing quality, developing and using information systems to track financial performance, and deciding tax strategy.

What will I study?

After admittance you’ll take the renowned junior core—an intensive experience comprised of nine courses divided over two semesters.

The junior core curriculum was designed to include the most critical competencies for accountants as specified by industry professionals and accounting educators. Subjects in the junior core include auditing, critical thinking, data analytics, financial accounting, information systems, management accounting, and tax. During your senior year, you’ll learn about other aspects of business including ethics, finance, marketing, strategy, supply chain management, and business law.

How do I get in?

As with all BYU Marriott majors, you’ll need to apply to be accepted into the accounting program.

Here is what you will submit to the admissions committee when applications are due in June.

Application Requirements

  • GPA: Prerequisite, overall BYU, and last thirty-credit-hour GPAs are all considered.
  • Essay: Tell us about your personal background, why you want to study accounting, and what you plan to contribute to the program.

Applications are due on the last business day of June at 4:30 p.m. (MDT). Apply at marriott.byu.edu/apply

The School of Accountancy has a rolling admission program such that admission decisions are made throughout the year. Applicants are encouraged to apply as soon as all of the prerequisite courses are completed.

For a full description of application requirements, visit https://marriott.byu.edu/apply/.

Knowledge is the key!

While our student organizations are fun, they also provide helpful opportunities for networking, learning skills, and landing a job. For more information about the different organizations, visit careerlaunch.byu.edu. Join today to get the experience and information you need to succeed!

Pre-Business Student Association

The Pre-Business Student Association (PBSA) is devoted to educating and preparing you to discover the right BYU
Marriott major and future career. PBSA conducts several free activities each semester, including degree discovery, mock interviews, networking, luncheons, and more.

Accounting Society

The Accounting Society improves the lives and career prospects of its members by promoting professional attitudes and
behaviors, scholastic excellence, and a sense of loyalty and community. The society seeks to provide information about
the major and future careers, set up networking opportunities, and facilitate mentoring among students and with

Beta Alpha Psi

Beta Alpha Psi encourages and recognizes scholastic and professional excellence in the business information field. Club meetings include service opportunities, professional development experiences, presentations from visiting
firms/companies, recruiting events, and more.

Institute of Management Accountants

The BYU chapter of the Institute of Management Accountants (IMA) is an organization for business, accounting, and
finance students interested in jobs and opportunities in financial planning and analysis, corporate finance, and
operations finance.


While not an academic requirement, internships are essential for securing good employment. You can explore a different field, learn new skills, and even receive a full-time job offer upon completion.

What can I do with a degree in accounting?

If you put in the work, we’ll help you find the career!

The accounting class of 2023 placed* 99 percent of its job-seeking graduates within three months of graduation, with an average starting salary around $71,250.

Career Paths

Common accounting career paths include advisory services, financial services, industry management accounting, consulting services, public audit, and tax consulting. Some graduates pursue a JD/MAcc or PhD. BYU Marriott accounting graduates can work for private companies, public accounting firms, government and nonprofit institutions, or they are self-employed.

Top Employers

Hundreds of recruiters—many from top companies in the world—come to the Tanner building each year to hire our students. Companies that have recently hired BYU Marriott accounting graduates include Deloitte, Disney, EY, Goldman Sachs, Walmart, KPMG, PwC, and many more.

*Placement data as of September 2023