BS Accounting

The prerequisite class GPA is the single most important item in the admissions decision. However, we also give serious consideration to the following: overall grade point average, the content of the personal essay, total number of credit hours already completed, and professionalism.

Yes, but to discourage this practice, a repeat grade is discounted one step. For example, a repeat grade of A is calculated as an A-.

Yes, but the calculation of a transferred grade is discounted one step. For example, a transfer grade of B+ from another school is calculated as a B.

We expect to receive 350-400 applications, and we are allowed to accept 300 students.

Scores vary each year, but grades are usually around a B+ to an A- or better to be in the top 300 applications.

As with registration for other classes at BYU, students select classes on a first-come, first-served basis. Study groups are assigned by the junior core faculty coordinator.


All admission decisions are made mid-May, and all students are notified of their admission decision by 1 June regardless of when their application was submitted. Notification will be sent in an email. Applicants who are admitted to the MAcc program will receive an email from the department that includes instructions for accepting the admission offer, a proposed graduation plan to be submitted, and registration information.

Approximately 165-175 students are admitted to the MAcc program each fall. The majority of those admitted are integrated students who have completed the BYU accounting junior core.

The minimum amount of time it takes to complete the MAcc program is one and a half years. No part-time, evening, or online track is available in the MAcc program. Most integrated students complete the MAcc program in two years.

A degree in accounting means endless possibilities. Graduates from the SOA find employment in private and public companies, public accounting firms, academia, and government and nonprofit organizations. Accountants are adventurers, innovators, entrepreneurs, leaders, critical thinkers, creative problem solvers, and trusted advisors. As part of their institutions’ management teams, accountants assist in making strategic business decisions. More than seventy firms, including all of the major public accounting firms and many Fortune 500 and technology companies, recruit SOA graduates.

The placement of MAcc students from the SOA is very strong. Most MAcc students report at least two, and sometimes as many as eight, job offers by the end of their job search. For the past several years, over 95 percent of MAcc students have accepted employment. More than seventy different firms and agencies, including all of the major public accounting firms, recruit SOA graduates.