Shining Her Light

PROVO, Utah – Sep 23, 2020 – As a high school student, Ashtynne Wade wanted to bring light into the lives of those who faced difficult challenges. So, she organized an event where participants built chains of glow sticks and raised money to support single mothers and children in poverty. Now, as a senior in the strategy program at the BYU Marriott School of Business, Wade continues to add light to the world in a different way—by mentoring others as she builds her future in the consulting industry.

Wade, a native of Lindon, Utah, organized her #GoMomGlow event as part of the nonprofit that she founded at age sixteen called Drop Foundation. The nonprofit worked to support the causes of children, hunger, education, and self-reliance. Even though Wade was relatively young, she and the other organizers of the nonprofit enjoyed the opportunity to make a difference through their work. “Being young actually worked to our advantage because we went to companies and pitched our ideas, and they were impressed that young people were invested in these causes, so they donated to us,” she says.

In addition to providing Wade with an opportunity to impact the world, Drop Foundation also played a role in her professional success. “I can't say we solved all the world's problems, but my work with Drop Foundation helped shape my future,” she says. “First, Drop Foundation forged many of my passions and my values. And second, the connections I made prepared me for success down the road.”

The connections she has made during her time at BYU Marriott have also helped Wade on her path to success as they’ve encouraged her to discover her interests and pursue them. “I met with one of the academic advisors in the Tanner Building during my sophomore year to choose a major, and she suggested that I join the Bain case competition to see if I would be interested in strategy,” she says. “I loved the competition, and I joined the Management Consulting Association right after.” Wade’s experiences in the Management Consulting Association (MCA) have helped her work towards her future consulting career.

“During summer 2019, one of the MCA club members reached out to me and told me that I had potential to land a consulting internship,” she says. “The club member talked me through the timeline that I needed to follow and helped me prepare to apply to and interview with firms.” Wade received an internship offer with Boston Consulting Group (BCG) for summer 2020.

This year Wade is one of the co-presidents of the Management Consulting Association, where she enjoys the opportunity to pass the torch on to others in the club who seek consulting job offers. “I’ve loved serving in this position. So many people mentored me and helped me find this opportunity with BCG. I love sharing the strategies that I used to find my own internship and mentoring other students,” she says.

Wade has enjoyed her work with BCG, and she plans to return there full-time after graduating in April 2021. Originally, Wade had planned to spend her internship working in BCG’s office in Dallas. Although COVID-19 changed those plans and she completed her internship in Utah instead, Wade appreciates that BCG created a positive internship environment.

“Boston Consulting Group planned plenty of opportunities for interns to meet people virtually since we didn’t get the same type of informal interaction that we’d get in a physical office. They set up virtual chats with random people throughout the office. Everyone was incredibly responsive and super open to answering questions,” she says.

As Wade makes plans to return to BCG and build her future career, she remains committed to using her talents and abilities to bring light to the world. “I am passionate about social impact work, and I hope to include that in my future career,” she says. “I want to find work that is meaningful and that will make a difference in the world.”

BYU Marriott strategy student Ashtynne Wade
BYU Marriott strategy student Ashtynne Wade. Photo courtesy of Ashtynne Wade.
Some drop foundation volunteers at an event designed to help Utah refugees
Some Drop foundation volunteers at a lantern festival organized to help Utah refugees. Photo courtesy of Ashtynne Wade.

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Writer: Kenna Pierce