Unlocking Her Superpowers

PROVO, Utah – Feb 22, 2021 – As a mom of six, the CEO of her own company, an entrepreneur, and a business coach, BYU Marriott School of Business 2018 MBA alumna Stacy Paulsen knows all too well that women are capable of wearing many hats. One of her driving passions is empowering other women and moms to pursue their business-related dreams.

Paulsen’s inspiration to help other women came from watching her mother’s example of selfless service. “My mom was the main provider for our family growing up because my dad had health issues,” she says. “I remember watching her struggle, but she was also so capable. She always inspired me to do my best and look out for other people. In my career, I hold the power to impact not just my own family but other families too.”

Paulsen, who lives in Orem, supports and helps these families through her role as a business coach for women trying to create their own businesses. Her passion for collaborating with other like-minded entrepreneurs comes in part from her experiences with BYU Marriott’s Rollins Center for Entrepreneurship and Technology. “I took some of professor Mike Hendron's classes through the Rollins Center, and I loved them,” she says. “He was open to mentoring and helping each of us get our businesses to wherever we wanted to take them. He helped us create a vision and connected us with people to expand our network.”

“The Rollins Center classes taught me so much about collaboration,” she continues. “The classes encouraged learning and connection. I recognized how I could help my fellow entrepreneurs by contributing my ideas about how to solve specific problems, and my classmates did the same for my ideas.”

Learning how to give feedback proved to be an invaluable skill that Paulsen frequently uses as a business coach. When the women she mentors encounter challenges, she shows them how to tap into their unique strengths—or, as she says, their superpowers. “We each have different gifts, and when we understand those gifts, we can use them for good,” she says. “If someone I’m coaching hits a rough spot, I ask them to look at their past successes and identify what talents or skills they used to become successful. I tell them these strengths are who they are and encourage them to apply those talents to overcoming this new challenge. Using our strengths brings joy and fulfillment into our lives.”

In addition to being a business coach, Paulsen also founded Stacy Paulsen LLC, a business connected with doTERRA International. “I love teaching women how essential oils can change their lifestyles,” she says. “doTERRA uses network marketing, and for me the business is not just about selling the product—it’s about empowering women to live their lives in a way that brings them greater happiness and a sense of well-being.”

Paulsen knows she can accomplish whatever she puts her mind to—and hopes that the women she mentors realize they can do the same. “We live in an amazing time where women can be entrepreneurs and moms at the same time,” she says. “My work is closely connected to my family because both are meaningful to me. I’ve designed my life in a way that works for me. Any woman wanting to pursue a business career can do so if she designs a life plan that works best for her situation and her family.” 

Stacy Paulsen
Stacy Paulsen
As a mother of six children and a CEO, Paulsen is passionate about teaching other moms how they can pursue goals in both family life and business aspirations. Photo courtesy of Stacy Paulsen.
As a mother of six children and a CEO, Paulsen is passionate about teaching other moms how they can pursue their goals in both family life and business. Photo courtesy of Stacy Paulsen.

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