BYU Marriott Accepts New Students

PROVO, Utah – Jul 31, 2018 – For most college students, July calls for firework shows, throwing barbecues with friends, and swimming at the local pool. For pre-business students, however, July also marks an important date in their college careers—the day they find out if they were accepted to the BYU Marriott School of Business.

Diana Hilton, one of the undergrads who was accepted to BYU Marriott in summer 2018, was admitted into her top choice program—global supply chain. “I’m excited,” she says. “I don’t know what to expect because I haven’t experienced it yet, but I’m proud to be part of the program.”

Prior to applying, Hilton made an effort to get involved in the supply chain world. She sought out unofficial mentors who offered advice and guidance, applied for a number of internships and jobs, and worked hard in the prerequisite courses.

As a result of her efforts to become familiar with supply chain, Hilton took a position with an on-campus internship for CAF Outdoor Cleaning. This work experience helped her acquire her current position as a procurement specialist for Qualtrics.

In addition to the knowledge she gained from her internships, Hilton was fortunate to watch her older sister graduate from BYU Marriott’s global supply chain program as well. “Watching her choose supply chain opened my eyes to the possibilities of studying in this program,” she says. “Having her example and advice also helped me make choices early on that increased my knowledge of the field.”

Global supply chain is one of ten majors offered to undergraduate students at BYU Marriott. This year, more than two hundred students applied to the global supply chain program, and eighty received acceptance emails.

“Our entire faculty group is involved in the decisions,” says Scott Sampson, a global supply chain professor. “We agonize over the process of accepting students because we have so many tremendously qualified applicants.”

Though there is no set formula to get into any of the programs at BYU Marriott, global supply chain professors stress the importance of having a good understanding of the field before applying. “If students are interested in supply chain, they should explore it as much as they can,” says Tom Foster, department chair. “It’s important for students to inform themselves so they can discover if they love supply chain or if they don’t think it’s the best fit for them.”

The acceptance process at BYU Marriott happens once a year during summer. Each program has different requirements for its application—global supply chain applicants write three essays, create résumés, and submit GPAs—and students are allowed to apply to a maximum of three programs.

“The process of admitting students into our program is wonderful, given the amazing and well-prepared applicants,” Sampson says. “We congratulate those who are admitted, and wish that we could admit even more of these amazing students.”

Diana Hilton
Diana Hilton

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