About the NAC

With a strong commitment to the success of the BYU Marriott School of Business, the National Advisory Council (NAC) works with the school’s dean, administration, and faculty to enhance the temporal and spiritual learning experiences of students.

The NAC has been making a positive impact since it was organized in 1966. BYU Marriott draws on and leverages the experience, influence, expertise, and generosity of NAC members to bring students and faculty greater opportunities and to increase the school’s overall rankings and competitive advantage.


The NAC’s mission is to assist the students, faculty, and administrators of the BYU Marriott School of Business by:

  • Promoting excellence in business education
  • Encouraging ethical values and a commitment to service
  • Developing qualified leaders for the future

Advocating for BYU Marriott

NAC members are advocates for BYU Marriott’s reputation, initiatives, and students. NAC members fulfill this role by:

  • Promoting BYU Marriott in their professional networks and circles of influence
  • Lending their reputation and goodwill to elevate perceptions of the school and its programs

Examples include following, engaging in, and reposting content from BYU Marriott’s social media channels; and promoting the value of BYU Marriott graduates and encouraging employers to hire them.


NAC members are involved with the professional development and placement of BYU Marriott students. This involvement includes:

  • Providing paid internships and full-time work opportunities
  • Engaging with BYU Marriott student associations, including:
    • Mentoring students
    • Speaking at firesides
    • Participating in panel discussions
    • Conducting virtual information sessions about their companies and fields of work
    • Hosting networking meetings and mock interviews with students


NAC members make an annual contribution of $10,000 plus an additional gift in any amount to one of the following BYU Marriott priorities.

  • Experiential Learn-Do-Become Endowment
  • Diversity Student Support Fund (Single Parent Scholarship)
  • NAC Emeritus Scholarships


Another important purpose of the NAC is to promote interaction and communication between its members and BYU Marriott as well as the school’s students. Council members help fulfill this charge—the NAC’s strategic focus—by serving on committees with the following emphases:

  • NAC Executive Committee—facilitates interaction between the NAC and BYU Marriott
  • NAC Membership Committee—strategically evaluates the composition of the NAC and proposes membership recommendations
  • NAC Emeritus Committee—utilizes the vast experience and wisdom of the growing emeritus membership 
  • NAC Women’s Committee—works in conjunction with NAC leadership and BYU Marriott to increase the connection between nonprofessional women and each other as well as the NAC and BYU Marriott
  • Cardon International Scholarship Committee—Provides international students, who are members of The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, the opportunity to receive a graduate management education at BYU Marriott
  • NAC Retreat/Trip Committee—organizes social, networking, and conference events, both domestically and internationally

NAC committees support the school and associated educational centers. Members are continually involved in a variety of development projects, educational summits, philanthropic endeavors, scholarships, mentoring programs, internships, conferences, and social events.